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Explain how Christians might help support those who are poor throughout the world.

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Explain how Christians might help support those who are poor throughout the world. As discussed a Christian has many responsibilities towards the poor. As Christians we must realise that physical aid is not necessarily enough, 'Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God' (Mt 4:4-5), thus spiritual aid and counselling must also be provided to the poor throughout the world. In our own country, parish priests provide a free and confidential counselling service to help those in need. However abroad services physical aid becomes increasingly important, with basic human needs often not being met. Through charities such as Tr�caire provide a relatively easy way in which Christians can help support the poor. Tr�caire, 'mercy' in Irish, 'is the official overseas development agency' (www.trocaire.org) set up Irish Catholic Bishops in 1973. Tr�caire has two main aims, to create awareness with the Irish public in relation to the poverty experienced by others throughout the world. Tr�caire's main aim, however, is to support and maintain the development of long-term projects for those poor and oppressed throughout the world. ...read more.


Many Christians also travel to poor countries and provide physical support over a number of weeks. In my school there is a trip available for those students interested in going to Romania to help orphans. Another organisation who support the poor is the De La Salle Brothers, who provide financial and direct aid to those in need. One of the projects of the De La Salle Brothers is to build a school for Girls in India; this is as in India girls are often discriminated against when it comes to education. Boys tend to go to school, whereas girls often have to stay at home and work. This is the project in which my school is fundraising for in this Lenten Appeal. Global Poverty exists throughout the world; it is the millions of people throughout the world that organisations such as Tr�caire and the De La Salle Brothers help. Whereas some Christians may see this as people's own choice, we should realise that it is in fact our duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves. ...read more.


Tr�caire helps through raising awareness, care and support of those affected. As Christians we are called to put our faith and teachings of Jesus into action. Charity is one of the most important ways in which we can show our concern and support for the poor in the world. We must realise that no matter what little we do it can benefit those in poverty, 'Every little helps'. This is shown in the story of the 'Widow at the Treasury' (Mk 12:41-44) when Jesus praised the woman greatly for her contribution. In this modern era we have become more aware of the poverty throughout the world, and with this awareness comes a greater responsibility towards the poor. In conclusion, through organisations such as Tr�caire, CAFOD and the De La Salle Brothers helping people is no longer just a dream, but a possibility. We must realise this and contribute all we can toward the poor, following the commandment given by Jesus of 'Love your neighbour'. No matter what job Christians carry out, we all have a responsibility to the poor. Jesus came down from heaven to live a life of servitude, and as Christians we too share in this responsibility. ...read more.

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