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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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A) i) what is meant by the word abortion? i) What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion? b) Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action c) 'Abortion is never justified' do u agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer What is meant by the word abortion? The definition from the dictionary on abortion is removal of a baby from the womb before it has developed enough to survive. My definition of Abortion is the premature removal from the womb of a foetus at some stage in pregnancy. Most abortions take place when the baby is unwanted. When the foetus or embryo is removed they are destroyed. This can only legally be done before the mother reaches 28 weeks of the pregnancy. Your choice to have an abortion or carry on a pregnancy isn't a straightforward or easy choice. ...read more.


For Gods temple is holy, and you yourselves are his temple." This means that god is part of you and to have an abortion, then you would be betraying him. This quote shows us that if you were to destroy a child then you would be destroying a piece of God and this is totally against what the bible teaches. Some Christians are against abortion for social reasons or as a means of birth control such as in China where it is used to control the population because woman are restricted to only having one child. How Christians might put their beliefs into action. Christians may put there beliefs into action by trying to teach younger people more about abortion and contraception etc. This may help younger Christians to understand abortion more and make them understand the consequences of pregnancy. They may use none violent protests or sit-in protests to get there message across. They could go to different communites, churches, schools etc. to teach younger people about abortion and get there message across. ...read more.


I teenager is not fully mature and likely wouldn't be able to physically and emotionally with a child. Also they have their rest of there lives ahead of them and it would be ruined by a baby therefore I feel abortion is justified here. I don't believe that abortion is justified: - If a woman is happily in a relationship but they just don't want a baby. I think that this is selfish because the baby could be brought up happily. - If the father is willing to bring up the child. I think that fathers should have more rights and I feel that if the mother can have the baby without her health being affected then the father should be aloud to bring it up. Appendix Below are some graphs and pictures that may tell you more about abortion. 1973 744,600 1974 898,600 1975 1,034,200 1976 1,179,300 1977 1,316,700 1978 1,409,600 1979 1,497,700 1980 1,553,900 1981 1,577,300 1982 1,573,900 1983 1,575,000 1984 1,577,200 1985 1,588,600 1986 1,574,000 1987 1,559,100 1988 1,590,800 1989 1,566,900 1990 1,608,600 1991 1,556,500 1992 1,528,900 1993 1,500,000 1994 1,431,000 1995 1,363,690 1996 1,365,730 1997 1,365,730 Estimate 1998 1,365,730 Estimate Libby Allen Re Project 11 Curie Abortion ...read more.

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