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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action?

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B. Explain how Christina might put their beliefs about abortion into action? Absolute Christian's beliefs are very different to relative Christians. Absolute Christians believe that abortion is wrong in any circumstance. They feel that any problems that the mother has about having her baby can be helped and abortion is not the answer. Relative Christians on the other hand believe abortion can be justified in some circumstances like if the mother has been raped and the mother could not face bringing up her rapist child. Or if the mother was a single parent and already had four other children to support and could not support another child abortion can be the answer. ...read more.


Absolute Christians would be against using contraception, as it may interfere with Gods plans for the baby's life. They would also pray for Gods guidance for the mother and read the bible teachings that agree and relate to abortion never being right in any circumstance. If an Absolute Christian found themselves in a situation were their life was at risk they would always put the baby's life before there own. Relative Christians would put their beliefs about abortion into action in similar ways to Absolute Christians, they would protest but they would protest for women's rights and think more about the mother's feelings. ...read more.


A woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the same time she found out she was pregnant. All the doctors advised her to have an abortion but as she was an Absolute Christian she would not abort her baby. The doctors told her hat she would put her life in danger and in the hands of God if she did not deal with her breast cancer now as the cancer could spread. She decided to keep the baby and wait to have treatment for her breast cancer after her baby was born. She had her baby and fortunately her breast cancer had not spread and she got treatment and recovered from it. This show that she put her baby's life before hers, she would of dies for her baby. ?? ?? ?? ?? Francesca Weaver 11D ...read more.

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