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Explain How Christians Might Put Their Beliefs About Abortion Into Action

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Explain How Christians Might Put Their Beliefs About Abortion Into Action Abortion is one of the most widely discussed ethical disagreements in our society today. It has recently become a major part of some people's lives, which has grown to cause great concern in some people in the world today. Because of this reason, there are many people around the world who have very strong feelings on the matter. Whether, their beliefs are sparked by religion, or experience, whether they are for or against abortion, these people want to make their beliefs known and put them into action. There are a number of ways that Christians commonly do this. ...read more.


Often this includes sending writing letters to newspapers, MP's and anyone else they think might help them to publicise their beliefs and put them into action. A more forceful approach of pretesting is to form marches and demonstrations, carrying placards to display their beliefs. Some even picket abortion clinics, pressurising patients into thinking again before they have an abortion, sometimes even scaring them away. If someone wanted to help people who were looking to abortion as a last resort, they could support counselling organisations to help them, or even offer support to struggling families in the form of finance, child care, or even as foster parents for long term trouble. ...read more.


To purely publicise their beliefs, Christians often print pamphlets and leaflets to display their beliefs, but this costs money, so is relies upon donations or private financing. For this reason, these posters and suchlike are often produced by large organisations such as SPUC, where funding comes from donations from members and anonymous donations. Because abortion is such a widespread and argued issue, it is very common that the subject appears in the media, whether in newspapers reporting a protest or suchlike, or in a woman's magazine trying to publicise alternatives and educate women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Articles in the newspaper, are usually written by objective reporters, who have no strong opinions on the subject, yet they still help anti-abortion supporters by publicising the matter, something that is one of the most effective ways of putting beliefs into action. ...read more.

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