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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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Christian Perspectives on personal, Social and World Issues B) Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action. There are many different views on abortion from many different Religions and denominations and they all put their ideas into practise in different ways. There are many alternatives to abortion and one of these is adoption. An example of this is 'Carol's Story'. Carol was a student that was raped on holiday, she found herself pregnant and decided that an abortion was not an option for her. Carol decided to have her baby adopted and after discussing it with her mother, they looked around some adoption agencies for a suitable couple. After selecting a couple Carol and her mother went to meet them, they decided that the couple would take good care of the child. ...read more.


However, the girl was so impressed by the father's attempts to save the baby that she decided not to go ahead with the abortion and instead hand the baby over to the father after the birth. The father left Oxford University, raised the baby boy and later went back to complete his studies. The father demonstrated that keeping the baby is another alternative to abortion in which both parties are happy. There are many charities as well as SPUC (Society for the protection of the Unborn Child), such as the pro-life newspaper that is founded in Ireland. This is a newspaper that is distributed throughout the whole of Great Britain and gives information and updates on everything to do with Abortion and the unborn child. Many Christians fund these charities in order to gain media attention to their solid belief in the sanctity of life. ...read more.


This shows how strong the Roman Catholic belief in the sanctity of life is. The Church of England and the Methodist Church have a relative morality towards abortion. In February nineteen ninety three The General Synod of the Church of England passed a resolution on the subject of abortion, which was the first for ten years. This lengthy resolution could manage no stronger statement about abortion than it was 'a procedure which should not be undertaken lightly but only after the most serious moral reflection'. The Methodist Statement on abortion concedes that 'every foetus has significance' and allows abortion as 'morally justifiable' in the cases of handicap, large families, poverty and bad housing. For advise on abortion woman can consult : * Biblical teachings * Church Teachings * Priests and Vicars * Their Own Conscience After consulting these things this it is very difficult to argue in favour of abortion if the woman is a Christian. Alex Warham R.E Section B Page 1 ...read more.

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