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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action?

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section b Explain how Christians might put their Ruby Bains beliefs about abortion into action? Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action by turning to sanctity of life, when Christians say this, they mean that they believe there is something special and holy about life and try to follow the meaning of sanctity of life by doing good to themselves and good to others. This means that Christians try to treat all kinds of human life with respect. One of the most important things that Christians are supposed to remember when they are making moral decisions is their belief that God is love, and that they should love on another like God has loved us. When Christians are making moral decisions, they might think about how they would feel if they were the other person, and then try to imagine how they would feel like to be treated. ...read more.


Their beliefs about abortion may affect the ways in which they may vote. A Christian who disagrees with abortion may choose to vote for someone who promised to make abortion difficult to obtain. Even if a Christian believes that abortion can sometimes be the most sensible choice, they are still likely to believe that it is important to give people a proper sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancies happening in the first place. When people are talking about abortion, they might want to explain why they feel it is sometimes the most loving choice, they might also discourage other people from harshly critising women who have chosen to have an abortion. Chrisitians try to put their beliefs about abortion for the benefit of women thinking to have an abortion and to explain to people the right way before jumping in without thinking first, Christians may join a group ...read more.


Some Christians work as foster carers, and look after the children of parents who find it hard to cope. There re many other ways in which Christians may try and help other Christians around the idea of abortion such as praying for others and the good of others, supporting MP's to take the debate about abortion to the Government and have it made less easier to get reach of also many Christians and people from other religions may feel strong towards the idea of abortion that they go on non- violent marches, protests and campaigns to try and put their point across to people. Christians do all this to offer help to other people because they feel that they have to put their beliefs across by action and help others in their faith to choose the right decision for them. ...read more.

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