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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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G.C.S.E. Course work Abortion B. Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action. I have found out that abortion is the termination of a baby in a mother's womb before the child's birth. I also know that a miscarriage is the natural death of a baby due to its poor growth in a mother's womb before birth. To have an abortion the mother takes a poisonous pill supplied by the doctor, which kills the baby. If done at a very early stage the baby will simply flush out. Otherwise the baby is broken up and literally sucked out or taken out by a natural delivery. Abortion can only be carried out after 24 weeks after conception from which use to be 28 weeks but was changed because it is known that babies can survive independently from this age. There are however babies that have survived after being born before 24 weeks. Christians believe that abortion is wrong, especially the Roman Catholic Church. ...read more.


An alternative that both groups prefer is to consider adoption. It is better to give the baby an opportunity to live life with another family, which can provide he or she with a normal life than to terminate the baby all together. Adoption and fostering has worked in many circumstances and succeeded for many children. Christians today can respond to abortion in many different ways. The first thing that Christians can do is to try to change the law. By persuading political leaders that abortion is the killing of life may be able to change the law. If the law was to changed then it would become compulsory for all abortion to stop. However by doing this it may make mothers have illegal and dangerous abortions done by unqualified people. They may even throw away both their life and the babies just to get rid of their problems. ...read more.


The most strongest and effective action that can be taken is the use of the media to protest. This is effective as you communicate and demonstrate directly to the public of whom can make changes. The use of television would make a huge difference, as there are millions of viewers watching. Even a filmed demonstration for the news could make a huge difference. Television has the power to make things more dramatic and powerful for people. As well as this, newspapers are very effective as readers can read an article on abortion at anytime of the day. Newspapers allow the reader to contact the anti-abortion group a lot easier than the television as it is clearer to deliver a telephone number or address using text. Overall by far this would be the best action to take in order to help stop abortions taking place. I believe that this is the best action, as it would have a greater affect on a great amount of people. Due to this it could force political leaders to make changes in order to satisfy the population. ...read more.

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