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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs into action?

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(B) Explain how Christians might put their beliefs into action? There are a number of things we can do as Christians against euthanasia. As Christians we must believe in the sanctity of life and that our lives is God's and we shouldn't take it. This section shows how we can act against euthanasia. Learn what the Bible says about the issue of euthanasia. Learn relevant teachings concerning the issue so that in the event of a discussion on this subject you can easily give biblical evidence. Prepare to educate others on this important issue. People may not have the information to have an educated viewpoint of the argument. If people could give them this information about euthanasia and its potential abuse then may be people will see where Christians are coming from. We should become actively involved in supporting the debate at professional and political levels. Being passive in arguments often mean the view of Christians aren't heard. We must be able to stand by our convictions in a Godly way. ...read more.


There is a time to let go. We stand in need of people who have determined to speak directly and unmistakably and come what may, to stand by what they have said. Christians must oppose euthanasia by boldly proclaiming God's truth, and promote life through a practical demonstration of God's love and compassion. (C) 'Euthanasia can never be justified.' Do you agree with this statement. Give reasons to support your argument and show that you have thought about the different points of view. I do agree I believe that euthanasia can't be justified. Granted some people feel that it life is so bad that they can't go on, however should euthanasia be carried out it is jeopardising their eternal life with God. We belong to God because he made us. If we kill we are playing God's role which is unacceptable. Good medical practice is the alternative to euthanasia. If voluntary euthanasia was legalised, society would soon allow involuntary euthanasia whereby the patient doesn't give consent. ...read more.


Not everybody will have an easy death. It can be very easy for people to say that they euthanasia is wrong when they are not the patient. However the situation could be very different should the person fall ill themselves. Some terminal pain cannot be controlled, even with the best of care and the strongest of drugs. Other distressing symptoms, which come with diseases, such as sickness, no mobility, breathlessness and fever cannot always be relieved. Pain is not always the issue the quality of life is too. A lengthened life is unbearable for people with a condition, which leaves the brain alert but eventually shuts down all bodily functions. How can people be expected to live a decent life in such a state? For people like this and also people in PVS, (persistent vegetative state) some believe that the choice to live or die with dignity should be their own. If people could make the decision then some may believe that the option of euthanasia should be available to them. In conclusion I still believe that euthanasia can't be justified. Candidate Name: Gerard McGarvey Candidate Number: ...read more.

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