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Explain how Christians today might apply their biblical knowledge About worship to their own worship and practise?

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Explain how Christians today might apply their biblical knowledge About worship to their own worship and practise? Christians are taught to live their lives as the Bible tells them to. Good Christians have great faith in God and worship him through prayer, they have been taught to do this from the stories of Jesus and his miracles. This should be an active influence on their lives, in the way that they make decisions on a moral level and the way they will choose to bring up their children. In many ways the whole idea of Christianity is based on worship and having the faith to worship only God. In the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses, Christians are given a direct order to worship God above all others. This means for Christians that they must think about God all the time and out of the thanks they give and giving they do, God should receive most of it, there should be nothing ahead of God in a list of priorities. ...read more.


Prayer was said to be worthless if it is for your own gain, those who pray so people can see them will not receive their wish, also those who try to impress God by using intelligent words will not be given any credit fir it. Jesus was shown to reward the gratitude of one of the ten lepers who he healed. In the same way a Christian who thanks God for what they have, so that God can hear- not anyone else, will be rewarded for their worship. Similarly, just having the faith to be a Christian, letting the laws set effect the way you live your life in the belief of the afterlife, is a form of worship. A form of worship that is still carried out to an extent is the obeying of the Sabbath laws. Perhaps because religion has become second to business it is hard to stop work on a Sunday. ...read more.


It seems that they were being hypocritical as they were telling Jesus of his crimes. Today even priests and vicars work on Sundays, it would be impossible for this type of worship to be shown today as the specifics of the law are unclear and there are too many circumstances where not utilising your knowledge or skill merely due to the date would seem ridiculous. Christians can learn about the generosity that they should show from reading the birth stories, the wise men worship Jesus as a baby by bringing him expensive gifts. We can see generosity like this again when Mary Magdalene, a poor prostitute washes Jesus' feet with perfume. There is no longer a method of giving gifts like this to Jesus, so today this should effect Christians by making them more generous to other humans who are in need. Stories of giving in the Bible are probably a major cause of Christian charities and the overall charitable image that is given to the Church. ...read more.

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