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Explain how discipleship might effect the life of Christians

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In this part of my coursework I will explain how discipleship might effect the life of Christians. In order to explain this I will compare the qualities of Jesus' disciples to a person I believe is an example of discipleship today. Discipleship is an important theme in Mark's Gospel, it is as important for Christians today as it was for the first disciples of Jesus. True discipleship is not something that can be done in a half-hearted way. To Christians, this means giving up all they have in order to serve God and of others. If a Christian is not prepared to publicly declare faith in Jesus, then Jesus will be ashamed of that person on the Day of Judgement. In today's society Christians could show that they are disciples on different levels for example doing the simplest things, such as joining a charity to help the homeless or the sick. But to show true discipleship you need to give everything up like the disciples did and help those in need like Jesus did. Modern Christians believe that they are disciples of Jesus. ...read more.


However, in 1946 she felt that God was asking for more, she got permission from her order to teach children in the worst slums in Calcutta; she went to teach children who had never thought of having any kind of education and to establish a new order of nuns, the Missionaries of Charity. When she was in Calcutta she saw the dying adults and children in the streets being eat away by the rats. In this way she began her life work: the care of the dying and the rescue of abandoned children. She felt that she was being called by God to change the direction of her life; "I realised I had the call to take care of the sick and the dying, the hungry, the naked, the homeless- to be God's love in action to the poorest of the poor." This was a milestone for Mother Teresa's life and her only possession was a white sari with blue stripes. She turned an abandoned Hindu temple into a home for the sick and dying of Calcutta. She, like Jesus worked with the outcasts of the society. ...read more.


She had very strong faith, and lived all her life following the word of the God. She trusted the word of God that Jesus preached and went on to do it herself. She was a humble person who helped everyone no matter what was wrong with them; they are all children of God. She was childlike, pure and honest. She left everything to dedicate herself to the service of God. She was obedient, she asked permission to establish the Missionaries of Charity. She never had direct persecutions but she was indirectly persecuted by all of those who aren't Christian or those whose major concern is their social position and think it isn't right to mix with the sick. The nature of discipleship hasn't changed for the truly committed but for those who aren't able to give everything up it has been opened. There are alternative ways to be a disciple today, such as contributing as much as possible in schemes to lessen suffering around the world and in your own society. I believe that everyone has their own definition of the nature of discipleship- fighting against inequalities and injustice. Words in total: 1,190 ?? ?? ?? ?? Alba Maria Pintos Suarez Tuesday 9th April 2002 10W Religious Education Coursework ...read more.

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