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Explain how discrimination may damage an elderly person or a child.

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Explain how discrimination may damage an elderly person or a child. When writing you can give examples of where the discrimination took place. Write the ways that this discrimination can be avoided. Discrimination is an act upon which a person is secluded from a certain group upon the grounds of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background. Discrimination will affect an elderly person greatly as this involves the factor of age. Many elderly feel discriminated against in terms of care workers and the way that they are treated. For example, it is an act of discrimination if the carer does not listen to the elderly person's wishes. Discrimination will also occur if client confidentiality is not maintained. For instance, if a carer speaks of their clients problems (whether they be physical or mental) with anyone else discrimination will occur. ...read more.


This may result in problems for the carer, as they will fell that they cannot interact properly with their client. In fact, the carer may feel that they are being discriminated against due to the lack of communication between them and the carer. Age discrimination also occurs within the workplace. Many people over 40 experience some form of discrimination within their place of employment. This may result in unwillingness to work from certain employees, and may reach a conclusion of redundancy. In conclusion, many elderly people suffer with age discrimination in a variation of scenarios, such as that of a client and carer or terms of employment. The elderly, however, are not the only ones who appear to suffer. Many children are affected by age discrimination in a number of ways. ...read more.


Many jobs do not take until they reach the age of majority (sixteen.) This will result in the child feeling undervalued as they will be turned down from various jobs due to their age. Discrimination may also occur in the workplace when speaking of payment. Many Saturday assistants who are sixteen receive a considerably low wage in comparison to someone who is eighteen. This will make the employee feel that they are not valued within the place of work due to the amount of money that they receive. They may also feel frustrated due to the wage packet that they obtain. The assistant may feel that he or she does not do enough work as they are getting paid less, thus showing age discrimination in the workplace. Overall, it is thought that the younger generation receive greater amounts of discrimination than that of the elderly. Words: 703 Lindsey Brown. ...read more.

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