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"Explain how followers of the religion that you are studying may be influenced by these beliefs".

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"Explain how followers of the religion that you are studying may be influenced by these beliefs" Some Christians believe that Satan, or the devil, is a real being who has the power to corrupt us and turn us from God's will. These people's lives often revolve around "resisting Satan" and may ban the music of rock groups with satanic lyrics. They also hold exorcisms, to rid people of satanic influence. They say that, if they are able to resist Satan, God will be pleased and let them into heaven. Some Christians, who believe in the balance of nature, may claim that they should do nothing about suffering and evil since God is inflicting pain for a reason, which is beyond our understanding. ...read more.


Some Christians believe that suffering is a punishment for sin and so try to live their lives according to God's teaching and repent any sins they have committed. Some Christians believe that God is the power of good and Satan is the power of evil and that humans are just pawns in a power struggle between these two great forces. These people preach and spread the word of God in order to help good defeat evil. Many Christians believe the idea that evil can not exist on its own, but is merely an absence of good. These people therefore do good deeds such as charity work, e.g. Bob Geldof in Africa. They say that, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," (Edmund Burke). ...read more.


Atheist would also prefer this view as it shows that the question of good and evil can be answered conclusively without believing in God. Many Christians believe that all people are born with the tendency to commit evil. They say this because of "Original Sin" (when Adam committed the first ever sin on the World). Many Christians say that God has given humans free will and so we are able to make our own decisions between doing good and evil. Committing evil is often easier than doing good and so many people chose this path. Many people of eastern religions lead their lives accepting evil and suffering and do not question the will of their God. However, people in the West are more interested in why there is suffering and to try and prevent it. ...read more.

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