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Explain how followers of this religion the Christian Perspective on Race into Practice

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Explain how followers of this religion may put Christianity's perspective on Race into practice. Up to this point I have outlined and explained what Christianity teaches about prejudice and how, as a result, people should treat each other. Now I will explain how ideas set out in the previous section are put into use, in the context of Christianity. Many Christians would try to adhere to the teachings from the Bible and Jesus and follow unprejudiced behaviour as set by the examples and as approved by the nature and faith of Christianity. It is the aim of most Christian's to imitate Jesus, who in the parable of the Good Samaritan says: "Go and do likewise," (Luke 10.37). Christianity teaches that all people should be treated as equals and there are many examples to learn from and follow. As was seen, Jesus cared not of gender, race, belief, social status etc. A Christian should not hold any prejudice and should not discriminate against people just because differences exist. Christians should try to put the teachings into practice to whatever degree (whether on a large scale or on 'small scale' practices), but it should be a following of Christian teaching.. Throughout history there have been many individuals and groups who have put into practice the teachings from the Bible, Jesus' and Church teachings - in a number of different approaches. A good figure to highlight when discussing prejudice and views about it in Christianity is Martin Luther King Jr. ...read more.


A great deal of her work was based in India on the streets of Calcutta where thousands suffered from illness and poverty. People with life threatening illnesses were sheltered by Mother Teresa who gave them love and care so they can die in peace. She paid no regard to who they were, she just wanted to help. Her hospital/shelter called Nirmal Hriday ('Pure Heart') is open to all - the sick, children, elders, dying. All of Mother Teresa's work was established on the teachings of Jesus and other teachings in the Bible - she showed that people should not be discriminated on any grounds and be helped likewise if in need. Though individuals are goods examples of showing Christian teachings put into practice there are also groups which have been set-up to help reduce the effects of discrimination. Christians feel it is part of their religious duty to help the poor and underprivileged, seeing the example of Jesus. The needy are of special concern to Christians, and the effect of discrimination which cause this try to be reduced. Christian Aid and CAFOD (Catholic Fund for Overseas Development) are Church based groups which help millions world-wide, influenced by Christianity teachings. They provide help regardless of age, sex, religion, politics, and race or creed. However, there are many varied interpretations of the teachings in the Bible. Some take polarised views of certain teachings which are often criticised by others and are often seen to be the opposite of the fight against prejudice. ...read more.


Many Christians also differ their views on this subject from other Christians depending on the society and culture they are in and which view is more acceptable in it. Many say the Bible teachings need to be adjusted for the modern day and believe it is far too idealistic, and so the teachings are not as strictly adhered to and thus lack the full Christian nature. Christian teachings are being made increasingly difficult to follow as Atheistic views are becoming more and more popular in the modern world we live in and often other views, such as science and logic, are a barrier to those following the teachings set out by Christianity, for they often oppose the teachings in the Bible in general. However, in many societies, especially western, people are becoming increasingly tolerant to differences between people and are less discriminating - a support of the Christian view. So, now we have seen many good examples of successful and effective individuals and groups which try to follow and put into use the teachings and beliefs of Christianity focusing on Jesus' actions and the Bible. Christians use inspiration from direct beliefs and teachings from Christianity to practice the teachings. We have also seen that there are varied approaches to putting these teachings into practice and sometimes Christians do not follow the teachings. Also, it should be noted in the world today that difficulties arise in putting these teachings into practice, as society and beliefs are changing. ...read more.

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