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Explain how in the course of their marriage a Christian couple would apply their beliefs.

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Explain how in the course of their marriage a Christian couple would apply their beliefs. Divorce is not recognised as an acceptable procedure in the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics believe that if their marriage does not work out as planned, reconciliation should always be considered. This is because God forgives sins and we are living in the image of God. If a catholic did not forgive sins themselves, they would be seen as a sinner in the eyes of God. Roman Catholics believe that you should learn to respect your partner and learn to compromise. ...read more.


This is so that they fully understand the huge commitment they are making to their partner and family when they agree to marry. Other Christian denominations, such as the Church of England do accept divorce. This is a good example of Christians expressing their beliefs differently. Marriage vows are the same whatever your denomination and the grounds which marriage is based on are the same, but because divorce is accepted in these denominations it is the couples choice if they reconcile. ...read more.


They believe that marriage is supposed to be life giving. It is only when you are married that you except the moral responsibility to become a parent. They believe that children should always be a possibility - the couple should be open to have children. If you are married when you have children then it is more likely that the children will be bought up in a steady loving environment. Many Christians, from all denominations do however have children out of wedlock. Sometimes these children feel deprived because they only have one parent and sometimes they are illegitimate. Francessca Waring RE coursework AO2. ...read more.

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