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Explain how Jesus' teaching on the Sabbath would affect the lives of Christians today

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Explain how Jesus' teaching on the Sabbath would affect the lives of Christians today. In this essay, I will be discussing how Jesus' teachings on the Sabbath have affected Christians today. There are many different denominations of Christianity in today's society; all of them have a different but similar way of worshipping God. Worship services vary from formal services with classical music and well-planned liturgical actions, to a small gathering just talking about God. There are various different Christian denominations that all celebrate the Sabbath in a different way. Yes, all these denominations accept that Sabbath is there to be a day of rest as it was for God but they each celebrate the Sabbath in a different way, The Church of England ...read more.


All Christians believe that some work is necessary, however Sunday is still a day of rest. I'm sure that if God on his day of rest saw suffering on his new world, he wouldn't have sat down and watched, he would have tried to help. And I think that is the view that all Christians should take on the Sabbath, treat it how God would treat it. A Christian could use Mark's gospel to explain why it is necessary to go to mass every Sunday because it shows quite clearly that Jesus prayed and taught on the Sabbath and as Christians, we should try to live our life in Jesus' footsteps. ...read more.


man for the Sabbath' which means that the Sabbath is not a rule and incase of emergency, you must forget the Sabbath and do what you can to help people. In conclusion, I think that Jesus' teachings has taught us Christians to celebrate mass in a different manner and he has given us a whole new perspective on the Sabbath than we might have if Jesus was never born. This is why I believe that Jesus revolutionised the Sabbath with his views on the restrictions of this holy day and this could have also affected how people now have the freedom to express their views in modern times without risk of being punished. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabbath Assignment AO2 H/S Colin Currie 3/11/05 ...read more.

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