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Explain how Marks Account of Jesus baptism has influenced Christian beliefs and understanding of the sacrament of baptism. Refer to the central features of infant and Believers Baptism in your answer

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GCSE Religious Studies Baptism Coursework By Dean Meehan AO1: Explain how Mark's Account of Jesus' baptism has influenced Christian beliefs and understanding of the sacrament of baptism. Refer to the central features of infant and "Believers Baptism" in your answer. (16 Marks) All Christians take part in the sacraments, if this is Baptism or the Eucharist. A sacrament is a special visible sign that puts us into contact with God. When people believe in God, they reach out threw words, gestures and through certain forms of celebration. In our daily lives words are the first form of communication; gestures add to these words, almost illustrating what we try to say. Using our words and gestures, we can show God our love and understanding to him with sacraments. Taking part in baptism, commits us to worship Jesus' teachings and God. In order us to worship God; we must reach out to him, as he already reaches out to us through the sacraments. The two most widely accepted sacraments are Baptism and the Eucharist; the majority of Christians recognize seven Sacrament. These are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage, Penance and the Anointing of the sick. Christians celebrate the sacraments because it makes people become more holy; as it shows the people, how to worship God. The sacraments teach, strengthen and express faith in such a way that we humans can communicate our love and gifts to God through the sacraments. Celebrating the sacraments also brings communities together. Everyone in the community is willing to help with each others problems. This is what the Kingdom of God is; the community itself, working together and worshiping God, within the sacraments. Christians also celebrate sacraments as a way to live like Jesus. Jesus didn't need to be baptised. This shows us that the sacraments bring us closer to God, and to internal life in the kingdom of God. This is why Christians celebrate the sacraments, as we are obliged to live like Jesus as much as we can. ...read more.


done to adults, because children where known to be too young, but afterwards, century's ahead infant baptism was introduced as their was a high fatality rate and parents where sacred that their child wouldn't join them in heaven. Baptism is a new birth into a new birth into greater life, the life of God himself. In baptism we become brothers and sisters of Jesus and with him children of God, sharing the life of the blessed trinity. The sacrament of baptism is a celebration of Gods gifts of new life, through which we become members of the family of God. Being 'christened' at baptism involves a call to spend our lives trying to become like Christ; a true follower of his. The sacrament is an assurance that God, who saves us, also gives us his spirit to dwell within us and to teach us how to live. The sacrament itself signifies the bringing of the child/member into the light of faith of the church, they become receivers of grace. Christians 'belong' to each other, as a faith community and belong to God. Baptism signifies our discipleship; becoming like Christ, following in his footsteps. Christian membership of the church means Christians are gods stewards in the world, and have to act on his behalf. Every Christian is called by God. Every Christian is given a vocation to use their life and talents as a member of God's family. When Jesus told the parable of the talents, he explained that all our actions and how we use our talents will be judged upon in judgement day. This shows us that Christians who belong to the Roman Catholic Church have a choice of three ways in which to carry out the vocation they have received in baptism and confirmation. They can carry out their responsibilities as a single or married lay person; they can choose to join a religious order or congregation, even some men may be called to be a deacon, priest or bishop. ...read more.


As infants do not possess the intelligence to understand or to see, the godparents do this for them. The godparents act as the infants' eyes and ears, showing the child the parables in a way that they understand. These infants then grow up with these understandings and stories, knowing the difference of right and wrong from a very young age. When adults are baptised they do know what the kingdom of God is, they know what is expected of them and how to spread the word. This is because they where not taught how to live their life as Christians. They are only taught by the gospel and parables, not through understanding of the Kingdom of God. But Jesus was also baptised by John the Baptist, so to live in the footsteps of Jesus almost, expects us to get baptised as adults, but it could also be said that Jesus was baptised at the start of his ministry, this shows that the start of Jesus' ministry was like the start of his life. Jesus set an example to get baptised, so does that mean we should get baptised at the start of our life, and to make our life our ministry? I do not believe that "Baptising babies is pointless", I believe that we should be baptised at the start, of everything; our lives, our ministry and our commitment to God. I understand that we should commit to our life with help from our parents, grand-parents and God-parents. We should get baptised at as soon as we can, and are willing to accept the mission God calls us upon. We should live our lives as long as we can in the Kingdom of God to serve our father; even if we don't know we are doing at first, but the teaching of Christ will come to us as first nature if we are taught throughout our lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dean Meehan S2E - 1 - ...read more.

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