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Explain how muslin practices effect teachings on equality.

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Explain how muslin practices effect teachings on equality. Islam teaches that everyone is of equal spiritual worth. They were all born with the same soul but it is put into different bodies and different circumstances. Everybody has the free will to choose either good or bad and everybody is judged on how we behave in our lives or on our actions and attitudes. To be a true Muslim you must follow all five pillars. The first pillar is Shadah, this means the bearing of witness, or declaration of faith, that there is only one supreme being. The second pillar is Salah, this means you must pray five times a day. ...read more.


A few of the aims of Salah are to bring people close to Allah, to combine soul and body in devine worship, to keep them from indecent, shameful and forbidden activities and to calm down dangerous passions and master the baser instincts. The aim of paying Zakah is to keep your wealth free of greed and selfishness. It is also a trust of Muslim honesty and expenditure. It tries to clean the heart of love of money and the desire to cling to it. Money is for the service of humanity, and for promoting good and justice in the world. Sawm, or fasting, is the deliberate control of the body by an act of will. ...read more.


Preparation of the mind and heart is essential if a Muslim is to perform Hajj properly. Before entering a Mosque Muslims take off their shoes and perform the ritual washing in a well, fountain or tap in the courtyard. Shoes are left outside the prayer area on a rack. Inside, visitors immediately feel a sense of peace, air and space. This is because it is not cluttered up with furniture. There are no seats, pictures or statues to decorate the building. Everyone is expected to sit or kneel on the floor which is generally covered in carpet. There is often a design on the carpet, or lines marked out to help the believers form neat rows. On the roof there may be a dome. This gives a felling of open space and represents the universe. It also helps the voice of the imam to be heard. ...read more.

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