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"Explain how observing the Shabbat affects the Jewish way of life".

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AO2 - Judaism "Explain how observing the Shabbat affects the Jewish way of life" Shabbat is a Jewish holy day which occurs each week. It is also known as a rest day and a day of prayer and reflection. It begins at sunset on the Friday evening and ends at sunset on the Saturday. It is welcomed by the women lighting candles. She beckons with her arms to welcome it and recites a blessing while covering her eyes and says a short prayer. The men go to the synagogue. The evening Shabbat service is greeted as 'a bride coming to meet her husband'. On the Friday night there is a meal where the man of the family blesses his children and recites Kiddush. ...read more.


After the dinner the children go over their Jewish studies and younger children go to a Shabbat playgroup. In the afternoon the males go to the synagogue for prayers. They then study the Torah until dark when the Shabbat is over. The Shabbat ends with a prayer asking God to bless the coming week. The rabbi performs havdalah and says another blessing over wine and spices and a third blessing over a candle. There's one last blessing over wine and the separation is complete. When the male comes home, he performs havdalah. The Shabbat came about because when God was creating the world, on the seventh day he rested. ...read more.


The 39 Melachot forbids Jews to do many activities. For example, they would be unable to turn on a light because it would be classed as 'lighting' because of the spark ignited. They would be unable to shave because it is similar to 'sheep-shearing'. The 39 Melachot may be strict, but makes the Shabbat a true rest period. Shabbat affects the relationships that Jews have because they all have to live at walking distance to the synagogue as they are unable to drive on the Shabbat. Therefore, they are unable to have as many friendships with non-Jews as they don't live near many. In conclusion, Shabbat is very important to the Jewish religion as it affects everyone, all ages and sex, as a Jew. It can be hard for working people to finish early for Shabbat, however, is necessary to keep the day holy. ...read more.

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