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Explain how Roman Catholics may respond to problems in their families.

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25th April 2005 AO2) Explain how Roman Catholics may respond to problems in their families. It is becoming increasingly harder in the Roman Catholic family because of new and old problems devolving within the Roman Catholic family such as abortion, divorce and contraception. The Catholic religion is being replaced by television, night clubs and drugs. I think the biggest problem that Catholics are struggling to deal with is abortion. It can be difficult for Catholics and their religion because of society's ways such as Sunday trading which breaks one of the commandments "Keep the Sabbath day holy" but because of society this tradition has been pushed away. Because of other problems which effect all religions such as debt and tax, the Catholic voice is being pushed further and further into the background because of society's overwhelming power. ...read more.


In the modern world it is becoming an increasing problem to provide. Jesus doesn't want us to be rich he just wants us to be happy in our life with out television and material goods but in today's world if we were poor we'd be die on the streets and we'd be kicked off the streets so their seems to be no place for Jesus' words any more. People such as the government are claiming something that isn't theirs this is Gods Earth not the politicians . Divorce is an extremely big deal for the children and parents, but mainly for the parents. Divorce ruins Gods plans and it is also breaking a promise to God and your Wife/Husband. Offer a divorce can lead to depression, heart break and even debt. The children can often be mentally scarred and also could become depressed or lose faith. ...read more.


But as the Pope John Paul II said "no reason can justify abortion. The mother also maybe left with depression and guilt, so there is no reason for abortion it breaks family's down and helps no one. Abortion also breaks the most serious commandment "thou shall not kill". The Catholic church responds to abortion by offering advise to the mother before the abortion. The church would tell her about the risk and what she is doing to the child, herself, god and maybe even the husband/farther. I think that the catholic church into today's modern society is being pushed further away from the front by other religions, the media and the government. Christians cant even stick to their old Sunday tradition because of Sunday trading and leisure pursuits. So yes the Catholic family is being plagued with more and more old and new problems such as divorce, abortion and contraception. ...read more.

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