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Explain how the Apostles' Creed is used by the Church and why it is so important.Explain what the Apostles' Creed teaches about:i) Godii) Jesusiii) The Church

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The Apostles' Creed Skill AO1 Explain how the Apostles' Creed is used by the Church and why it is so important. Explain what the Apostles' Creed teaches about: i) God ii) Jesus iii) The Church The Apostles' Creed is a statement of beliefs; it contains the main Christian teachings and is often recited in Church services, the first two words of the apostles' creed, "We believe", this means that the people accepts what they are saying as the truth, they believe and commit themselves to what follows, it is a Profession of faith, (they are stating what they believe.) although it can also be used in silent, private prayer. The creed teaches about God, Jesus and the Church. The Apostles' Creed teaches about God, "We believe in God. The Father Almighty maker of heaven and earth" This Passage reflects the Christian belief in a personal God, not just a higher power this is called monotheism (belief in a single God: the belief that there is only one God.) "The Father Almighty" this reflects another Christian belief, that God is father this is reflected throughout the New Testament; Jesus refers to God as Father. Christians see God as Father because He has Authority (in many societies the Father is head of the household and is an authoritative figure.) and also God loves His Creation and there is trust between God and His Creation, God cares for and helps His people in a personal way. ...read more.


Mary's Virginity is important because it shows that Mary was dependent on and had full trust in God. There is much emphasis on Jesus' suffering and death this is to enforce Jesus' humanity. Jesus' descent into hell is mentioned, theologians have argued over the meaning of this phrase for centuries, many Christians believe that it means not that He descended to heaven and battled with Satan (the belief of Hell being a abyss of agony came in the middle ages, after the Apostles' Creed was formed) but that This statement merely enforces that Jesus was truly dead, thus His rising again was a miracle. The ascension shows that Jesus returned to God "And is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty From there He shall come to judge the living and the dead." It does not state anywhere in the Bible that Jesus will be the Judge however as Christians Believe in the trinity Jesus will Judge mankind through God and Christians will be judged on their daily lives. The apostles Creed Teaches about the Church, it says "I believe in... the Holy Catholic Church; the communion of Saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting" The word church doesn't just the building where God is worshiped, it means all the people who believe in Jesus. And in this context the word Catholic means worldwide or universal, it uninites all denominations, this reflects that the Apostles' Creed affects all those who ...read more.


Skill AO3 "Reciting any creed week-in and week-out leads to mindless repetition and is of no value to Christians" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have considered more than one point of view Refer to Christianity in your Answer. Reciting a creed without thought is of no value to Christians, it just encourages a monotonous religion based on repatition with one person's views being aired by different people and it supresses originality. However repeating a creed and thinking about the words being said and their meanings can cause a deeper understanding and further the religious beliefs. The creed is recited by many people, it is a guide to what is to be believed to be Christian, reciting it unites the Christian people, This is why the Apostles Creed was written, it emphasized those beliefs that Roman Catholics and Protestants were arguing about most furiously at the time; the true Humanity, including the material body, of Jesus, since that is the point that the heretics of the time denied the creed was a method of sorting the heretics from the "true believers". Reciting a creed is part of the cultural taperstry of the church, full of history and deep symbolic meaning, very little has changed in Church since the creeds were drawn up, the same bible is used, the prayers are along the same lines, as are the creeds, at the time it was written the creed was obviously percieved as important, and this is equally true today. ...read more.

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