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Explain how the bible and Christian teaching influence Christian attitudes to abortion.

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Explain how the bible and Christian teaching influence Christian attitudes to abortion. Abortion is an operation to cause the remoral of the foetus during pregnancy and if it happens naturally it is known as a spontaneous abortion. Christian are generally opposed to abortion because they believe in the sanctity of life. " Don't you know that you are god's temple and his spirit lives in you... whoever destroy his temple god will also destroy". Which means that abortion is not mentioned in Bible, but from early history the church taught that abortion was a sin, the church always opposed it. This view is supported by a second century document called the Didache. ...read more.


Even if the pregnancy were the result of rape, the Roman Catholic Church would not support abortion. This is because they believe that the foetus should not have to pray he price for someone else's crime. The Roman Catholics try to encourage the woman not to have abortion, but to have the baby adopted if they cannot cope with bringing it up. The Roman Catholics church has made several statements to support their view on abortion. The humane vitae in 1968 started that 'human life is sacred'. Also the declaration on procured abortion in1974 said the 'abortion is a serious sin and that everyone whether Catholic or not should have proper respect for human life'. ...read more.


In 1953 the general synod passed a resdution that in situations where the continuance of pregnancy poser a risk of harm to the mother, a termination of pregnancy may be justified and that provision in our society for such situation should be made. The Church of England board for social responsibility stated in 1990 that 'Every human life created is unique, we therefore believe abortion is evil and that abortion on demand would be a very great evil, but to with hold compassion in extreme distress or need is also evil. When linked to abortion this means that they believe abortion is wrong, but it is also wrong to not have compassion or help a woman with the decision of having an abortion. ...read more.

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