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Explain how the Bible is used in congregational and in private worship,

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1. Explain how the Bible is used in congregational and in private worship, (400-600 words). The Bible being the Holy Book of Christians (sacred, holy and inspired) is very important to them, as it acts as a guide to their worship, beliefs, practices and values. The Bible being a collection of books therefore acts as a 'library' to Christians illustrating the above topics. Therefore Christians believe that the Bible is in some way the Word of God, which can teach, inspire and guide them in their everyday lives. 'All scripture is inspired by God, and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking the error, correcting faults, and giving instruction for right living.' (2 Timothy 3:16). ...read more.


Another use of the Bible in congregational worship is that of sermons. During most services the leader of the Church will give a sermon (a talk or message), quoting from the Bible but explaining what the reading might mean, thus probably being a quite useful source of worship for Christians, in which to learn about and develop their faith, (99% of sermons are based on the Bible). Several other ways in which the Bible is used in congregational worship are that of hymns, as most hymns and songs are based on the Bible. Prayers which are used in both in congregational and private worship also come from the Bible, e.g. 'The Lords Prayer' and so contribute to the Bible being used in worship. ...read more.


For example, in the Church of England Holy Communion the service begins with The Liturgy of the Word, which concentrates on teaching the faith by readings from the Bible, including a passage from one of the Gospels and usually there is a sermon. The bible is also used for personal (private) worship. In this case many Christians set aside a few minutes everyday for prayer and private study. They often open the Bible at random, or study several sections, or use the Bible reading notes written by Christian leaders, which guide them through the passages. A particular passage may be read through slowly or several times so the meaning can be understood. Then after such an event they think about a deeper meaning and may say a prayer, thus being an example of the Bible being used in meditation. Explain bit on sheet an do private from book. SCOTT COLEY - GCSE RE COURSEWORK ...read more.

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