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Explain how the bible is used in congregational and in private worship.

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Religious Education Coursework Assignment The Bible 1. Explain how the bible is used in congregational and in private worship. The Bible is seen as the 'word of God' and some Christians talk about the Bible being 'inspired by God'. By this they mean that Gods teachings have been passed down to the people who wrote it. Lots of Christians prefer to study in private because it is more personal, and they believe that God speaks to them through the Bible, so this makes it special for them and easier to follow and understand. The Bible can be used in many different ways during private worship. Some Christians read little bits daily, and others turn to the Bible when they are going through a difficult time in distress or pain, and reading the Bible gives them comfort and reassuring tat everything will turn out ok. ...read more.


Other types of private worship is, when a Christian turns to the Bible for a certain reading because of a certain even. Christians may like to worship in church but sometimes if something has traumatised or distressed them they prefer to deal with it alone and read the Bible for advise and reassuring. There are many different headings that the Bible specialises in, there is a small verse under each title that is relevant to the subject. The small verses are like teachings, they direct Christians to what is right and how to deal with the situation. Lots of churches use the Bible differently, and their church services are very different as well. In the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches the Bible is a very important part of the service. ...read more.


There are many passages and readings in the Bible that are used in congregation that are relevant to certain events and they have different meanings and morals to them. These passages are picked out when necessary e.g a funeral, the words from Johns Gospel. It gives comfort and encouragement for the people mourning. The Bible is also used in singing of hymns and preys, short hymns and preys are written in the book for the congregation to follow and become involved in the service. The Bible teaches us how to live, and contains many rules for us to follow e.g. The Ten Commandments. The Bible is very special to Christians because it is their way of communicating to God, especially through singing and preying. ...read more.

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