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Explain how the bible shows the goodness of god.

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Explain how the bible shows the goodness of god Throughout the Bible God's goodness is shown in many ways. It is shown through many chapters of the Bible. The way in which the stories have been illustrated throughout the Bible show the goodness of God. In the Bible, the goodness of God sets a moral standard for people, and demands a response from them. God watches over the way people respond to the standards he has set. One example of this, from the Bible is The Ten Commandments (exodus 20). They provide moral standards by which people should live by. This shows goodness, as God is helping people to live a morally good life. By living this good life, shows God the response he wants, by doing right. God's goodness is said to be perfect. This can be seen in the stories of the Bible. 'As for God, his way is perfect' 2 Samuel. Another passage is 'He is the rock, his works are perfect, and all of his ways are just. ...read more.


She named him Samuel, saying, "Because I asked the Lord for him."' This shows it because He answered Hannah's prayers. The goodness of God is revealed mainly in the person and work of Christ. You can see this in the stories from the Bible, where Christ helps his followers, and performs miracles, etc. This is mainly shown in the New Testament. In many parts of the Bible, the goodness is seen to be identical to his love; and it is the love of God, which demands that people become the best that they have the potential to be, by obeying his commands as they are shown. According to the New Testament, God came into the world as a man in order to demonstrate his love. God's goodness is also shown in Psalm 23, 'The Lord is my shepherd . . . . . Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.' ...read more.


Unless, the world was imperfect. Which goes onto what Aristotle had said, about the world being imperfect and being made of imperfect pre existent matter. Which would mean that God would not be the 'Prime Mover'. If this were the case, then there would be a need for rules and regulations. As the world was created imperfectly. God made men in the image of himself. If He was a good God, and was good all round, why would He feel that there was a need for rules and regulations. Which could end in people believing that God might have been a bad God, as He needed to create rules and regulations, for us to follow, even though we were made in the image of him. I think that a good God would make rules and regulations for us to follow, as it helps us to live a good life and do right, going by what God has said. However, with these rules and regulations, it does restrict us from using our free will, in which God gave us. However, despite this, I do believe that we do need rules and regulations to go by. Leanne Down 13ML ...read more.

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