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Explain how the Christians today live out these teachings, in the modern world.

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Q. Explain how the Christians today live out these teachings, in the modern world. A perfect example of a Christian that lived out the teachings in the modern world was Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa accepted her calling from God without question and has through her faith helped thousands of sick and dying men, women and children. In 1952 Mother Teresa set up a care home for the poor and needy; after seeing the poverty in the streets of Calcutta and wanting to do something about it. Her and the Sisters of Charity searched all through the suburbs of Calcutta, and brought the ailing and dying to their care home, and no matter how filthy or disease ridden they seemed they were shown love. Although the medical treatment provided to the sick was not the greatest, Mother Teresa gave all she possibly could into helping the dying patients. Even if she knew they going to die, she would stay by them until the end just so their death would not be a lonely one. ...read more.


Romero was unique, he was like the lamp on the stand trying to show others the way, he loved thy neighbour by standing up for them and in his last speech "A bishop will die, but the church of God which is the people, which shows he gave up even his life to do Gods work. Jean Donavan was another who responded to the call of God; she was a 24 year old catholic woman with a salary of $20,000 who lived an accustomed life. But Jean decided she wanted more, in 1979 she achieved her intention and became a teacher of nutrition and child care in the La Liberta parish in El Salvador. There she saw over the years increasing violence and hatred, she fulfilled the mission of the church by working with the poor and by caring for 'the bruised victims of insanity'. Jean truthfully felt God called her and she accepted the call even if she knew there was a possibility she could die. ...read more.


But is it really? The church today shows love through its work with the poor and the parish. But is equality shown? In my view equality in the church is not shown as no female priests are allowed which shows inequality. Although the church performs the sacraments, if the Kingdom Of God was on earth would we still have the hatred and discrimination we have today? Jesus implied the Kingdom is in heaven not on earth. When Jesus was on earth he spoke about the Kingdom in terms of parables and performed miracles, but as we know churches do not have the power to heal. People may continue to spread the word, such as Jean Donovan and Mother Teresa and miracles at Lourdes may still occur, but does the church really represent the Kingdom Of God? The Kingdom Of God may not be found in the church building, but in the hearts and souls of the parish and work. After evaluating and reading over my work, I feel that although the church does do some deeds that imply that it represents the Kingdom Of God, overall there is more evidence to show that it does not lie within the church. ...read more.

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