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Explain how the example of Jesus Might Help Christians facing Persecution today.

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AIII) Explain how the example of Jesus Might Help Christians facing Persecution today. Persecution and trial was not only in the Neronic times but it still continues today and is still very common but not that common in Christian countries but more common in communist countries and countries that have other religions. For example Graham Staines and his two children were brutally burnt alive while they were in a 'Jungle Camp' telling the villagers the Good news of God. ...read more.


This shows that Jesus was calm and did not want the disciples to miss him too much. When Jesus was undergoing trial he did not say anything when he was presented with accusations and he just replied to the accusations when they were true. The Christians who are going through persecution should look to God and not get mad at the people persecuting them and let them do whatever they want, leave them for God to judge as Jesus did and show them that they truly believe in him and want to get ...read more.


We should let God have his will in us as he will know what is right for us in our lives and he will be in control of us if we give our lives up for him. Christians under persecution with no one to help them and no place to go should follow Jesus example and just keep their calm and live their lives they should. If they are slaves they should work for their masters and do their work faithfully as if they are doing it for God. This shows us why the example of Jesus should help Christians under persecution in the world today. ...read more.

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