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Explain how the life and work of Martin Luther King is a good example of how to put the teaching of Jesus into action, particularly the Sermon on the Mount.

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Explain how the life and work of Martin Luther King is a good example of how to put the teaching of Jesus into action, particularly the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount is a range of sayings Jesus spoke on occasions. The Gospels Mark and Luke have made them up to form a summary of Jesus' principled values. It is named the Sermon on the Mount because the authors introduce it with Jesus walking up a hill to educate his disciples. The Sermon on the Mount falls into two different categories: The Beatitudes and teaching about various topics. Beatitude means 'happy saying' there are 9 different sayings Jesus describes about the way of life which is truly happy is one that is honest and doesn't give in when the going gets hard. ...read more.


From the 9 beatitudes (above) people think that all should pay back the evil with decency with the goodness of there heart and to love their enemies instead of trying to harm them. People heard about Jesus' teachings from him telling his disciples, families and large groups passed the message on. The first 3 beatitudes are the reverse of Jesus' teaching. Obviously Jesus destined that people who love and respect other humans are true to God. He believes that they will be less self-sufficient and manipulative. Beatitudes 5 and 6 explain how to search for god, and 4 and 7 are about a search for justice. It meant that you should be pure in heart and not distracted by selfish concerns. ...read more.


This was truly unfair and Martin Luther King was the only person to stand up for himself and for all the black people. He tried to make people understand that just because they were of a different race didn't mean they had to be treated unequally. Martin Luther King's quotes: 'I have a dream that one day all God's children, blacks, whites, gentiles, Jews, prot�g� the words of the black people's old song. Free at last, Free at last, thank God almightily we are Free at last.' The quote above is his most famous. It is clear to us that Martin Luther King is portrayed as a significant man. Many people look up to him and praise him. He is an important 20th century Christian. He is and will always be remembered by many people. I believe that Humanity doesn't need to reward you, God will. Kiran Kripalani 10 CS ...read more.

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