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"Explain how the rituals and vows connected with Christian marriage ceremonies might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and divorce."

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Gavin Martin 11.1 11A Y11 Religious Studies Coursework 2: Marriage and Divorce Question One: "Explain how the rituals and vows connected with Christian marriage ceremonies might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and divorce." There are many reasons why people decide to marry. More than half of people who get married live together beforehand. The main reason why people get married is because they love each other deeply and wish to 'concrete' their relationship. Other reasons for marriage could be that the woman is pregnant and the parents don't want the baby to have unmarried parents. The couple want to publicly celebrate their marriage in a ceremony. In Christianity there were sometimes (and sometimes still are) arranged marriages, this then would not normally be proclaiming love in front of God because in many cases the couple are not in love. Christians normally have a set wedding procedure. This normally consists of: a vow made before God, rings are given and a cake is cut. The couple's love is left in no doubt when they are reminded by the minister, priest etc. and it is not to be undertaken lightly. ...read more.


The middle-eastern religions though treat each wife as if each wife was the sole special person. They are all treated with respect deserving of them. They would think that Christians are the ones that defy Jesus' and God' word. People might get divorced for many reasons. The ones that are accepted by God is if the other spouse commits adultery or if the marriage was never consecrated, other than those all other reasons are not accepted by God so if the people want to get re-married it cannot be in a church. More social reasons for people to get divorced might be that they always argued, didn't love each other anymore. This then leads to even more problems about any children. If the couple had children while they were married then there would be many arguments about who had "custody" of the children (who would look after them). Most of the time the person who did not win custody of the children would have to pay money to the children's parent to look after them. In 1971 a law was passed making it a lot easier for people to get divorced. ...read more.


The chance of disease and unwanted pregnancies is also greatly reduced. Some people are still not happy with one sexual relationship. This can be bad because the risk of disease is increased as a person has sex with more people and spreads infection. The numbers of unwanted pregnancies rise because of 'quick thrills', and one night stands with no protection. In conclusion, I personally do not agree with the statement. I believe that sex is a very special time only to be shared by two people who deeply love each other, but I also feel strongly, that their love for each other should not be confined to marriage. Instead, they should be free to share their love, albeit with one partner. In conclusion I can see why Christians believe pre and extra-marital sex as wrong. For them, sex is much more serious than a one night stand it is made after marriage and only during marriage, this is sacred to Christians. Only God has the power to end relationships by taking the life of one partner. Even if they die many people have trouble re-marrying as they still feel attached to the previous partner. ...read more.

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