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Explain how the teaching in the Bible can affect the Christian attitude to abortion

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2. Explain how the teaching in the Bible can affect the Christian attitude to abortion - (350-525). What does the Bible say about abortion? Nothing exactly... The word 'abortion' does not appear in any translation of the Bible. All Biblical arguments on abortion are indirect and open to interpretation, and debate continues even among the worlds most respected theologians. Out of all the 10 Commandments there are no specific references to abortion; however, Christians try to adapt laws and ideals within the Bible to modern day society. Most Christians know only one Biblical reason to oppose abortion, the most obvious commandment, 'though shall not kill'. ...read more.


specific reference to abortion, but one which Christians have developed in order to support their view, which in this case would be that abortion is acceptable in certain cases. I.e. a Christian of this sort would never agree to an abortion just for the sake of it, but would in specific circumstances e.g. rape, as here they are 'adapting the Bible to work in modern day society. However, Roman Catholics have not accepted this source from the Bible on the topic of abortion and so do not agree with abortion for reasons I will explain, (although some less extreme Catholics would allow abortions in situations as above, but still many would disagree). ...read more.


Many other Christians also have different views on when the Foetus becomes living. Some believe that it is after two weeks, others after two months etc, but usually this is from a more 'scientific' perspective, as they believe at the moment of conception nothing is really there, but when the foetus begins to form it is becoming a person and so starts to live and so abortions are only allowed at certain times within their faith. (The law in this country being 24 weeks, but people are advised not to have them above 12 weeks). SCOTT COLEY - GCSE RE COURSEWORK ...read more.

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