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Explain how the teaching of Jesus differs from the values of this world?

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Explain how the teaching of Jesus differs from the values of this world? 'Love your enemies as your self' this basically means you should forgive those who curse you. Pray for those who are spiteful towards you. And love those who hate you. Do this and you shall be rewarded in heaven. (Mt. 5:43) Christy has always respected the fact that she should love her enemies; she had no problem with that since she didn't have any enemies until now. As soon as she started her new school, she gradually started hating a couple of people; she never really expected this from someone like her. She hated them more then she despised the devil. She started doing things she never dreamt of doing such as stealing from them and accusing them of false doings. And this was simply because she had a hint of jealousy amongst them. But instead of feeling relief for doing what she done she felt guilty. She decided to ask her cousins if what she done was really wrong. Chantal, age 17, non Christian said. 'What you done wasn't right but it wasn't exactly bad either.' Christy didn't understand what her cousin meant at the time so she decided to ask her other cousin who is the same age as Chantal but a catholic, she said 'what you done is what anyone else would of done in your position in the modern world. ...read more.


Christy smiled at him coyly she then approached him with the help of her friends and flirted. Afterwards the man invited her to his house, she agreed. Meanwhile Christy's boyfriend was waiting for her in her house. So Christy has committed adultery. I asked Chantal if she agreed that her cousin has committed adultery she said no. 'My definition of committing adultery is to be in a long term relationship and cheat on the partner, but Christy was not in a long term relationship and she didn't do anything apart from having fun which is what today's world tells us, we only live once so we might as well enjoy it and that does not include sticking to one man otherwise the relationship would get very boring, after all Christy is still a young adult she isn't yet ready for a big commitment.' However Shelia argued and said yes Christy has committed adultery 'In the Bible it is written that you don't have to commit adultery with only your actions but with you heart and that is exactly what Christy done she lusted for him which goes against the Church teachings, it doesn't matter how old you are the Bible applies to everyone of all ages, and yes I do agree with what Chantal said 'you only live once so at least make the most of it.' ...read more.


With that she took off, smiling to herself. Both Chantal agreed that Christy has murdered the girls confident. They said it was very cruel for Christy to do this, but that is what today's world is telling us. The world is already destroyed (war, abuse, hatred) so if we want to survive in It we should be tough and cruel do this and you'll end up getting what you want in life. In this world today people are trying to compete with God e.g. scientist cloning people, they try to prove that God does not exit and search for any evidence to explain how. The world teachings us that we have to be tough to survive in the world that we live in, that's why some people avoid what the Bible teachings us instead they start following what the community teachings us. When Christy was committing an adultery she wasn't aware that what she was doing was wrong because the world today are basically telling us that we only live once therefore we should make the most of it and have fun however the Bible teachings us that we were put in this earth to be tested even though God wants us to enjoy life he wants us to follow what the Bible says first for we shall be tested in the end as our final judgement. ...read more.

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