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Explain how the teachings about being a disciple might make a difference in the everyday lives of Christian believers today

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Discipleship Coursework Question 2 There are many varied ways in which the teaching about being a disciple might make a difference in the everyday lives of Christian believers today. Some of the teachings in Mark's Gospel change people outlook on life and although Mark uses traditional teachings they are relevant to people today. A job choice from a Christian following this teaching about being a disciple may differ significantly from someone who is not. For example, one person may choose a job for its convenience and for the materialistic pleasures that may come with it (money, cars etc) but another person may choose a job that is less convenient and pays less because they wish to embody the Christian lifestyle of being a disciple. In Mark's Gospel is the account of "The widow's offering" (Mk 12:41-44) In this account we learn that it is not the physical amount that we give which counts, rather it is the sacrifice we make. ...read more.


Loving everybody else rather than concentrating on one's own selfish needs is another teaching about discipleship taught in the Gospel of Mark: In Mark 12:28-34 Jesus says that "love your neighbour as yourself" is the second most important commandment. From the teachings about discipleship people could learn to give some of what they have to others who are in need, for example, giving money to charities like CAFOD. Some people give lots of money to various charities and in Mark's Gospel when the rich man asks Jesus what he can do to achieve eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven Jesus tells him to go and give all his money to charity. The rich man symbolizes the many people who want to be disciples but are not willing to give their possessions and money away. But Christians must have faith in God and understand that if they give away their riches and devote their lives to God and have faith in Him they will have everything they need. ...read more.


From the teachings from the Gospel of Mark we are also taught that anyone can be a disciple and it does not matter who you are or what you have previously done. A good example of this is when Jesus calls Levi. (Mark 2:13-17) Many people were shocked that Jesus chose him to be one of his followers but Jesus said: "People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick. I have not come to call respectable people but outcasts." A good example of an ordinary person who chose to use these teachings and dedicated their life to being a disciple of God is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who spent the whole of her life ministering the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying. She is an excellent role model for Christians today because she proves that anyone become a disciple and do amazing things. In conclusion, the teachings about being a disciple can make a huge amount of difference in anybody's life. Leo Casimo 10D ...read more.

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