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Explain how these teachings might influence the actions of a believer.

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Qu B - Explain how these teachings might influence the actions of a believer. Some Christians believe all human life is sacred and that abortion is murder and should never be allowed. They believe all embryos have the right to live and that only God can end life. Believing these teachings will influence the actions of that person in many different ways. A pregnant Christian woman will believe abortion is wrong and have the baby whatever the circumstances, except if her own life is at risk If the mother does not want to keep the child she may have the baby adopted. Adoption is not as bad as abortion because the child will live on and the mother is not going against the word of God. Some mothers may keep the child whatever the situation, even though it may involve poverty. Even is she has to care for a disabled child she will still keep the child and love it. ...read more.


Christian members of SPUC take part in marches, demonstrations and pavement counselling outside abortion clinics. They try to discourage and prevent women from having an abortion. In extreme cases Christians will join extreme pro-life minority groups who believe illegal methods are justified to prevent abortions. This situation occurs more often in America than the UK. People stage demonstrations to physically stop women entering abortion clinics. Threats have been made to staff in abortion clinics. Such actions have forced many doctors to give up providing abortion services altogether. As a result only 18 out of 362 hospitals perform abortions. An example of a person issuing death threats is a 34-year-old father of three. He also intends to "name and shame" those who give women the opportunity to have abortions. In very extreme cases abortion clinic doctors have been murdered to prevent the loss of a foetus. In America on August 26 2003 security at abortion clinics was increased after warnings following the execution of an anti-abortion extremist. ...read more.


In this country Roman Catholic parents helped their daughter, who was raped and, to get an illegal abortion. Because of this they were excommunicated. These organisations will show compassion for the suffering of women who cannot have an abortion for various reasons. Such organisations offer support to women deciding whether or not to have an abortion by distributing leaflets and teaching special classes in schools. Another way Christians can help women who want the choice of abortion is to vote for political parties that allow abortion and try to influence their MPs to ensure the law reflects their liberal Christian beliefs. A Christian MP, David Steel, introduced the Abortion Act making abortion legal in the UK. A reason for legalising abortions is that they are always going to happen so it best to use law to decide what are valid reasons to have an abortion. Legalising abortions prevents the practice of back street abortions, which can be very dangerous and result in the loss of the mother's life. 70,000 women die worldwide as the result of illegal abortions. Liberal Christians see legalised abortions as a way to overcome this great evil. ...read more.

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