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"Explain how this teaching about discipleship might effect the life of a Christian today".

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A02 "Explain how this teaching about discipleship might effect the life of a Christian today" Today there are many things that make it easier to live out the teachings of Mark, yet there are other factors that hinder the ability of a disciple to go out and preach the teachings. I believe that the teachings made years ago are somewhat out of date with the now very different future. However I believe these stories can easily be used as guidelines and can be used to translate the teachings to a modern day gospel for Christians to learn how to live out a good Christian life. Firstly there are many parts of the teachings that should be spread as they help a person if they are feeling afraid, helpless, sinful, or even tempted. But being a disciple today is all about sacrifice. Today it is easier to spread and practice the teachings of being a disciple as persecution is next to nothing. Spreading the word has become much easier if a disciple is willing to use modern technology. ...read more.


Also when asked to give up all wealth, is this wise? I doubt you would be able to successfully preach with no money, no one would listen to you because eventually you ill start to smell and your clothes will become tattered and dirty. Therefore I think that strictly following the gospel is a near impossible task. These factors increase the sacrifices that must be made in order to fully live out the gospel. I think that these new sacrifices are much harder than those years ago. Mother Theresa was an example of a modern day disciple, she was a Roman Catholic nun who, whilst serving as the principal of a convent in Calcutta was moved by presence of the sick and dying in the city. She left her post at the high school to begin a ministry among the sick. She then extended her work worldwide and in recognition of her efforts she received the Nobel peace prize in 1979. This was a woman who devoted her whole life to God first taking the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a nun and then in addition took a vow pledging service to the poor, whom she described as the embodiment of Christ. ...read more.


Yet we see from people such as nuns, monks, and priests that there are many people who give up all they have as the first disciples did. There are those who act as missionaries who preach and spread the word of God, and who care for the sick showing the qualities of a true disciple. These people give away all they have to depend on God knowing he will help them. Then there are normal people who live everyday lives yet their heroism shows they are true disciples as they may risk their lives to save others. There are also other ways to be a disciple instead of going out and preaching as a vicar or missionary. If a person leads a good and Christian life showing kindness and generosity to others they are preaching by example and what they do reflects on their children and others around them. I think it is possible to be a true disciple if one does as much as they can to help others and be a good Christian, even if it is only a small gesture it will still result in rewards and an entry into the Kingdom of God. ...read more.

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