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Explain how this teaching about discipleship would affect the life of a Christian today.

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Discipleship Coursework Question 2 Explain how this teaching about discipleship would affect the life of a Christian today. The word Disciple means a student or a person who learns. A disciple is a person who learns from Jesus and lives their life according to the teaching's of Jesus, following his example. In this essay I will be looking at how discipleship, or being a Christian, affects different types of people in their everyday living. There are 3 types of people that Christianity affects. These are Lay person, Religious person and Priest. The first of these vocations is a Lay person. The word Lay is LAOS in Greek which means ordinary person, this reflects exactly what Lay people are, they are ordinary people who follow and practise the teachings of God in everyday life. Most members of the Church are lay people. A Lay person is someone who is neither ordained, nor a member of a religious congregation. ...read more.


They have a duty to be aware of the world around them, with all its faults, for example: violence, addictions to drugs and alcohol, crime, prejudice, unjust ways of governing and lack of human rights. But most of all Lay people are called to love God and their neighbour. The Holy Spirit strengthens a person in faith, hope and love when baptism and confirmation are received. Some Christians are called to follow Christ by belonging to a Religious Order of Congregation, a man or a woman can choose to belong to a contemplative or an apostolic order. Religious life in a contemplative order involves a hidden life of prayer and work. Their members are monks or nuns. They live in a monastery or abbey. They withdraw completely from the outside world. The members have enclosure, which usually means that they do not go out of the community they have joined. Examples are Carmelites and Poor Clare's for women and Carthusians for men. ...read more.


The role of deacons, priests and bishops is that of the apostles - to mould the community into a communion of love, to serve the people of God. All share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ who called his apostles to share in his priesthood. The 12 apostles responded to his call by leaving everything behind to follow him. The celibacy of priests and bishops and some deacons is a sign, which enables them to devote themselves more freely to the service of God and mankind. Many people would argue that married priests could have an important role to play in Church, but celibacy is following the model of Jesus who did not marry. Priests are expected to do many things,such as: follow the example of Christ, preach about Jesus and God, visit the sick, to comfort them, pray privately each day, teach people how to pray, care for the dying and console those who grieve, listen to those who are agitated and distraught, understand and help those who are in broken spirit, live a simple life ( even though they don't take a vow of poverty). ...read more.

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