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Explain how this teaching might affect the life of disciple today

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A02: Explain how this teaching might affect the life of disciple today What is expected of Christians in today's world is the same for as the first followers as they have to carry their cross even to the point of death e.g. mother Teresa how devoted her life to save all those in third world countries. However Jesus' first disciples went out and preached the good news to the public, whereas many followers today do not have to do this, but reliance on God is important today as it was with the first followers. In essence the mission of the church today remains the same as the mission of the first followers. Some modern day disciples still go out to preach repentance. ...read more.


Some Christians have a vocation in priesthood; they sacrifice everything aswell but they also give up the security of a family around them. They preach the word of God and care for the sick. These people have great strength and faith for they also cope with loneliness. They get a spiritual reward which would also help them to stay faithful. We all have a vocation when we are baptised we are accepted into the Christian community to belong to Gods family. Discipleship operates on different levels, we as children can help by raising money for charity or even just to help the elderly or our parents. ...read more.


A Christian marriage is a big sacrament it reflects God, who is love. The love a man for his wife is compared with the love Christ had with his church, so to be true to your marriage shows true discipleship. The difficulties facing Christians today are, people often do not show through the way they live their lives that they are followers of Jesus. The other difficulties that they face today include peer pressure smoking because they don't want to be left out of drinking because there friends will fall out with them or just be 'cool'. They do not imitate the example of Jesus. Today the demands of discipleship are too great for many. Yet the gospel of Mark is a story of hope and optimism for disciples throughout the ages. The message of Jesus continues today. By Jason Hughes ...read more.

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