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Explain in detail, the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about The sacrament of marriage.

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AO1: Explain in detail, the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about The sacrament of marriage (720 words) The Roman Catholic Church has a very specific interpretation of marriage and how it should be accepted. Marriage is one of the sacraments. It is one of the ceremonies that the Roman Catholic Church expects a devoted catholic to go through. It is believed to bring you one step closer to God. Marriage is also a covenant, a promise to one another. It is an eternal agreement between two people to allocate themselves to each other. The Catholic Church believes that the relationship between two people should be like the creation story. Adam and Eve are model parents and set an example to all couples. God wants all Catholics to have a bond between each other shown in the creation story. Jesus had a different view to the Old Testament which was that "two people become one" once they unite. Jesus said "No human being must separate what God has joined together", meaning that it is not our job to choose to separate. Jesus was completely against the idea of divorce. The Pope has a similar opinion to Jesus that "a man and a woman pledge themselves to one another in an unbreakable alliance" meaning that a marriage is unbreakable and that they are choosing to enter an alliance, a life long commitment. Hosea emphasised that marriage was a symbol of Gods covenantal love. ...read more.


These problems can be related to their vows or other social problems. Many things can be done to help save a marriage during a crisis with help from the church or groups. When a marriage is going through problems they can often reflect on the vows by keeping them. These marital vows can help resolve problems. "For richer for poorer" is one of the vows that we are expected to follow. Marriages can run through financial difficulties which can lead to problems. One partner may feel they are unable to live with the other if they are not being supported financially. Marriages running through these difficulties are expected to love each other even if they are experiencing financial problems. Another vow that is expected to help resolve problems is "in sickness and in health". This vow means that if either partner is having health problems, the other should support them. Many marriages can break down as one partner may feel they are unable to love and care for them. Using this vow they should be able to continue loving each other and enable them to resolve the problem by making time to care for the person. Two people in a marriage are expected to be together till "death do us apart". People can reflect on this vow and help them want to continue the marriage and love each other until either partner dies. ...read more.


Jesus made it clear that when two people are joined it is not up to us to decide to separate. Having a divorce is a direct violation to the vows and Jesus' teachings. He wanted us to work through what ever problems or difficulties we have in relationships which could help make a couple stronger. How ever in many situations it could help if this vow were to be dropped. Couples might be having serious problems such as physical abuse. If there is abuse in the relationship it may be extremely difficult to get through and divorce could be inevitable. Some relationships could be experiencing insoluble money problems. They could be in debt and the relationship is just not progressing. There could be serious sexual problems in the relationship. One partner may desperately want a child whereas the other may not or one partner may be unable to have children. Either way it could cause serious problems leading to divorce. Sometimes relationships have no trust where one partner maybe committing adultery or one partner may not be able to trust the other leaving a very weak relationship as trust is essential in a marriage. Many people feel the love between two people dies out after a while making it impossible for them to be able to make an honest commitment. As people seem to be living longer we are expected to love our partner for a long time - the rest of our lives, which can be difficult, and divorce maybe necessary. If children are involved, divorce can have a big impact on their lives. Priya Jadeja ...read more.

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