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Explain in detail the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about the sacrament of Marriage

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Explain in detail the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about the sacrament of Marriage. The Roman Catholic Church has various teachings when it comes to marriage. In this essay, I will be exploring just a select handful of them. There are four main subjects that the Roman Catholic Church teaches. These are split up to make four separate sub-headings. The first of these that I will be investigating is Sacrament. The Roman Catholic Church teaches us that Marriage is a holy Sacrament, and should be treated as sacredly as any of the others. It allows the couple to grow closer in their bond to God, by being united in His eyes. ...read more.


There are two paths where this sub-heading leads. One of them is procreation. This is the belief that couples get married to procreate, or have children, to continue the Catholic faith, and continue to make humans in Gods image. The second path is life giving to each other, which basically means that the couple are giving life to each other. They are feeding each other the love and support that they each need to get by in life. The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has strong beliefs on divorce as well. No divorce is allowed in the RCC. Although they cannot prevent a Roman Catholic couple from divorcing, they will just not recognise the divorce as having taken place. ...read more.


So they are no longer two, but one. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder.' This is a perfect reason for people to get married, and also a plausible motive for people not to commit adultery. Sex in the Roman Catholic Church is stereotyped as being the strictest belief system. According to the RCC, sex has but two purposes, unitive and procreative. However, the RCC is all for natural contraception, for example the withdrawl or rhythm method. In conclusion, the Roman Catholic Church basically teaches us that God himself is the author of marriage, and that it is not purely a human institution. It is a fundamental and innate vocation of every human being. ?? ?? ?? ?? Cyrus Maravala 10F 1 ...read more.

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