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Explain Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of god as presented in the Gospel of Mark for his first disciples.

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Explain Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of god as presented in the Gospel of Mark for his first disciples Mark presents Jesus' teachings about the kingdom of god in his gospel through many aspects. Jesus taught in parables, which are short stories with a religious meaning. He used things they were familiar with such as seeds. Jesus also did many things out of the extraordinary such as performing miracles. He helped people no matter what faith they were showing that he respected others. He performed nature, healing and exorcism miracles. He was doing Gods work and introducing the kingdom of God on earth by helping others. The Jews were expecting a warrior who would lead them to safety. They believed the messiah would fight their enemies, the Romans. They wanted the messiah to bring the kingdom of God on earth. The Jews thought it would bring them wealth, political power, domination and success. They expected it to be a place of paradise, a heaven on earth. 'The parable of the sower' is an allegory, which is a parable where everything in it represents something else. The parable starts when a farmer goes to sow his seeds. Some seed fell on the path. ...read more.


They don't carry out Gods laws and claim to be Christians. To be a good Christian, people are expected to live out Jesus' teaching and be loyal. Many Christians dedicate their lives doing Gods work by becoming priests, nuns, monks and carrying out missionary work. Priests work in churches, dedicating their lives to God. They carry out services and community work with the help of lay people. Both priests and lay people are helping others just as Jesus did and wants us to do to create a kingdom of God on earth. Nuns and monks devote their lives to God. They lead a simple life, wear plain clothes and eat basic food and live in small rooms with just a bed. Mother Teresa is a good example of a nun who unfortunately died recently in 1997. She was born in Macedonia, August 27th 1910. At the age of 12 she was called by God and took her first vows in 1931, later in 1937 she took her final vows. Many monks and nuns are called by God that lead them to become missionary workers. She has achieved a lot in her life including receiving a Nobel peace prize for her work in India, Calcutta. ...read more.


Priests forgive sinners in the church and conduct mass. They have the support from lay people who organise counselling groups or activities for younger children. These people carry out their duties just as Jesus hoped. The kingdom of God can be found in our everyday lives. People pray in private or public, or at home. People use the sign of the cross in their everyday lives or while praying. Modern day miracles are occurring around world. An example of a miracle is when Andre Galarraga, 39 year old Venezuelan baseball player was diagnosed with lymph cancer. He lived in America and claimed that the intercession from our lady saved him from cancer. Everyone thought he was going to die but he recovered from cancer after a miraculous series of events. This proves that the kingdom of god is alive on earth. Many people believe there is no kingdom on earth at all, due to the evil, crime, terrorism etc. They question their beliefs showing the weakness of their faith. Although Jesus did say that it began on earth and would be completed on heaven. I believe there is a kingdom of God everywhere on earth, which is all the time, growing. Miracles are occurring, as there are a large percentage of people carrying out Jesus' teachings. There may be crime and terrorism but I believe it is all part of Gods plan. ...read more.

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