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Explain Jesus teachings about the Kingdom Of God as presented in the Gospel of Mark for his first disciples.

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Q. Explain Jesus teachings about the Kingdom Of God as presented in the Gospel of Mark for his first disciples. It is complex to understand or use words to depict what the Kingdom Of God is; the most widespread definition is that the Kingdom Of God is a place where Gods greatness and authority are accepted. Thus throughout this essay I will be investigating some of the parables and miracles written in Marks gospel to find my own definition to portray the Kingdom Of God. The story of the sower teaches us that getting into the Kingdom depends on how we respond to Gods word. ...read more.


If we hide the lamp, we do not spread the word and are ashamed so we hide it, in doing this you show lack of enthusiasm and are refused entry. However Christians that accept the faith and show others the true way are like a lamp on a stand and let people see the way. The tale of the children, notifies us that to get into the Kingdom, you must have childlike qualities. The children trust Jesus as we should trust God; we must be childlike in our trust in God and be open together with friendly. These are the qualities the people in the Kingdom will have, to be like children, be eager to learn and loving towards their parents. ...read more.


The final parable I will be studying is the secret seed, in this the Kingdom is represented by one man, his seeds and the harvest. The man represents Jesus. The teachers and preachers who spread the word do not know how people will respond to their message, but Jesus will always be at the harvest to bring those who have faith into the Kingdom Of God. After reviewing all the evidence given through Marks and Jesus teachings, I have come to the conclusion that to get into the Kingdom, we must hold certain qualities and values. We should hear and believe the word, not be more concerned about the world than God and not be ashamed of our faith; but believe that the Kingdom Of God is near. 1 ...read more.

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