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Explain some of the main beliefs that Christians have about Forgiveness/ Reconciliation and Justice.

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RE COURSEWORK 1 JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION Kerry Teesdale Christ the King Catholic High School RE COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1 JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION Skill AO1- knowledge about beliefs Explain some of the main beliefs that Christians have about Forgiveness/ Reconciliation and Justice In Christianity there is a lot of emphasis on forgiveness, however this does not rule out the teaching of justice. Justice can be defined as different situations which are handled or solved in a morally right or fair way. It is also the quality of being reasonable. Forgiveness can be defined as the power to forget someone's sin and to stop being angry with a person who has done wrong. The belief of Christianity is that we can all forgive one-another as God forgives all our sins (by reconciliation). Jesus' death was an extremely relevant lesson of forgiveness. "Forgive them, Father! They don't know what they are doing" said by Jesus moments before dying. This gives an example of how we can forgive, if Jesus forgave the Romans for mocking and humiliating him and most importantly for nailing him to the cross. There are two separate teachings of the bible, each come from the New Testament and the other from the Old Testament. ...read more.


Some crimes are minor, for example speeding and various crimes can be serious such as murder. Because of this variety in the severity of crimes, the punishments for committing them also vary in accordance with the severity. The most common forms of punishments for breaking the law are attendance centres, community service, probation, fines, imprisonment and capital (corporal) punishment. Only the most shocking crimes that have been committed, sometimes call for the death penalty. Some people would disagree with the death penalty as it is unjust and unfair because the criminal does not suffer for what they have done or learn that it was wrong. Or get reformed. Although the reasons people agree with the use of capital punishment are because it prevents the offender from causing more harm to the community and from breaking any further laws. Capital punishment often discourages members of the public from doing any serious crimes as they realise some of the gruesome forms that can be used in capital punishment. In my opinion, in a Christian Society capital punishment would not be a suitable method of punishing because God made this Earth, he made the life in it too. To destroy a human life through capital punishment would be the wrong thing to do; it would be destroying a part of something God created- a human life. ...read more.


Although it would be wonderful if we could impose our religion on all of society, I believe it is impossible. I believe there would be no such thing as a truly Christian society because we now live in a multicultural society. Many people are too drawn into their own religion to be converted to Christianity and others like atheists have no interest in believing in things that they can't see, like God for example. We are as human beings all unique, in that we are able to make our own choices. Since the beginning of the human race it has been necessary to make laws and codes. Laws are the foundation of society, without them life would be chaotic. We have these laws because of the small amount of people that disobey the laws and threaten the stability of society. With these laws come punishments which are necessary. Human beings are quite complicated and so is the world we live in. In the Old and New Testaments things were very different. Life then was much simpler and the laws given then reflect this. One law from the bible for example was "thou shall not commit adultery". My overall conclusion is there could never be a truly Christian Society. There will also be crimes because people will always have the free will of choosing what they want to do. Kerry Teesdale ...read more.

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