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Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and end of their lives?

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A01 Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibilities for those at the beginning and end of their lives? There are many people living today who do not value the gift of life from God. Many people who are disabled or ill may feel like this as they see other people enjoying themselves and doing things/activities they may not be capable of doing. Many people believe their life is cursed or God is ignoring them when things in their life don't go like they want them to. This is shown in the film "Bruce almighty", where an average working class man feels god is ignoring him or dislikes him. He blames his unsuccessful career on God. However, many people and even in the many minds of people who don't appreciate life, also believe in the importance of preserving life. Some Christians believe life is precious or sacred. This is called the sanctity of life. The word sanctity means purity or holiness. When it is used to describe life, it expresses the idea of a preciousness worth of the highest respect. In the book of genesis, God expresses his view of his gift of life to us. It is written that 'everyone is made in god's image' . This is God reminding us that he was the creator of all life and that us human beings were made in his image. Christians believe that life is a precious gift from god and that each person is in god's family. They believe he watches over us when in the best and worst times, like a guidance. Each and everyone of us is well know to him. To them, the purpose of life is to love and serve god, and to treat everyone with respect and to treat them as how you treat yourself "love your neighbour as yourself". (mark 12:31). Jesus showed and teaches us through his life that everyone should be valued. ...read more.


When abortion was illegal, many women who did want to keep there baby tried very dangerous methods to induce abortion. This may be falling down the stairs, or hurting themselves, etc. that is why abortion is much safer, and women don't need to try dangerous methods to get rid off the baby. Also legal abortion is very safe, especially up to the first 12 weeks. By this time many women have decided whether they want to keep the baby or not, so most of the abortions will be safe for the women. Many women today feel the stress of work, housework, looking after the children. If women are to lead a healthy, happy life and offer the same to their children they may have, they need to be able to exercise control over their reproductive system. Abortions have existed throughout history and making it legally or socially unacceptable does not drive it away. There will always be people needing to have abortions for certain reasons, and they aren't going to listen to the society if they think they're doing the wrong thing. Most women feel very strong about their decisions and very rarely change them for the benefit of other people. Many people believe abortion is wrong. And in certain circumstances, they are wrong. This is why they think abortion is wrong. Most churches teach that life begins at contraception and they believe abortion is destroying the rights of a human to live. They feel abortions are against the wishes of god. This is because life to human beings is a gift from god and having a abortion is rejecting his gift and his intentions of a good world. In the bible and other stories, we see God and Jesus' views on abortion. "you created every part of me; you put me together in my mother's womb.... When I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there, you saw me before I was born" (psalmist addressed God in psalm 139:13 and 15). ...read more.


It demands you to make a stand against what you feel is wrong. "it takes one good person to remain silent to allow evil to continue". I believe everyone should be entitled to their freedom of speech, including Christians. It is their responsibility to inform others and follow in Jesus' teachings. Famous people have stood up for what they believe, and they have made a change. Martin Luther king stood up for his own beliefs and his dream of a better world. But on the other hand, I can also see people agreeing with this statements points. Everyone is entitled to freedom of choice. People can do what ever they want, whenever they want, as long as they don't break the law. An example of this is the rock band "hell on earth." They wanted to have a terminally ill person to commit suicide while they were playing a concert. They wanted to raise awareness of right-to- die issues. Christians should be compassionate and show understanding to women having abortions as this is such a difficult situation. Christians should respect other people and treat them how you would treat yourself as no one is more or less than anyone else. Every is equal. Abortion is traumatic enough for women without condemning them. Some people go so far and kill to get their point across. There actions become as bad as the act they are complaining against. My personal opinion is that every one has the right to what they say. But in some situations, the opinion or what they believe should be kept quiet, especially in public places. Many people would agree that Christians should not try to force their opinions onto other. My personal opinion is that Christians have the right to their own thoughts on life, but if they do not agree with beliefs, then they should not try to change them. Everyone has the right to freedom of choice along as they don't break any laws. People who believe in euthanasia and abortion, have just as much right to form a opinion then anyone else. ...read more.

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