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Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibilities to those at the beginning of their lives.

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Essay on Abortion by Dominic Fletcher 10P Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibilities to those at the beginning of their lives Introduction This question is asking us about, us as Christians, and what our beliefs of life and the meaning of it and our beliefs on abortion. It's also asking us about what responsibilities we have as parents, to those at the beginning of their lives. This is talking about when and if we have children. I believe that we have many responsibilities put on our shoulders if we do have children. I believe that abortion is right in some cases but it is wrong in others. Sanctity of Life This is all about someone's right to life. Every human has the right to life, and this is why some people think and believe that abortion is wrong in every case. Some other people believe that abortion is right in every case. I believe that it is right, only in some cases but not in all. God says, 'I knew you even before you were formed.' This tells me that abortion can be wrong and can be sometimes seen as a form of murder. ...read more.


The Christian faith tells us that abortion is wrong in every case because, every human should have an equal right to life and should be able to live it. Christians basically see abortion as murder, because they believe that the life of a human being begins at conception and if a women wishes to go through with a termination, despite their age, is wrong and against the teachings of the faith. There are also many passages in the bible which teach us about abortion and how we should treat each individual's life and in many of them it tells us that it is wrong. Roman Catholic Teaching Abortion is a sin in all cases no matter whether the woman/girl is too young to look after the child, the child has a deformity or the woman/girl was raped. Human life is said too begin at the moment of conception so abortion should not take place at any stage of the pregnancy. Methodist Teaching Circumstances which may often justify an abortion are direct threats to the life or health of the mother, or the probable birth of a severely abnormal child. ...read more.


To be like him and to spread the word of God. In John 10:10 is says, 'I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.' This is telling us that God has given each individual the right to live a full life and live it to the fullest and that if anyone is not to give that to someone's, especially before they are born then that is wrong and totally against the wish of God. Pro Life: A belief that abortion is murder, as life begins at the moment of conception. Pro Choice: A belief that the woman who is pregnant should make her own decision, after counselling, about whether or not to continue her pregnancy based on full information about all her options. I believe that abortion is wrong in all cases. The teachings of God and what he expects from every human being is that he wants each and ever single human to have an equal right to life and to live their life to the fullest. With abortion, the child that has been conceived has no choice about it and he won't get an equal chance to life. Ravonettes ...read more.

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