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"Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility at the beginning and end of their lives."

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Skill AO1 "Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility at the beginning and end of their lives." Christians believe in the sanctity of life, and that all life is scared. God creates all life and therefore only he may take that away. In Corinthians 1, it states that the body is a temple and should be looked after. If a woman falls pregnant, the child is seen as a gift from God, and anything God does he has a reason for. Roman Catholics believe that abortion is murder. They'd use the quote "Do not kill" from the Ten Commandments to support this as they believe that applies to abortion as well. ...read more.


In Luke's Gospel it states "Don't fear death" - illness is not a reason for termination or euthanasia. God has reasons for all his actions, and only he shall take life away. We are all Gods creation therefore harming each other or ourselves is disrespectful towards God. The same can be said for the environment. Christians should act as stewards for God, looking after what he has given to us and put us in charge of. Mother Teresa is an example of a Christian that practised what she preached. Her prayer: "Make us worthy, Lord, to serve our fellow men throughout the world who live and die poor and hungry. ...read more.


In Isaiah 38: 9-20, Hezekiah King of Judah had been really sick and thought he was on deaths bed and was sure he was to die. However, God did heal him. This shows that however ill you get, God may heal you. It creates hope for those who are ill and shows that you should leave your life in God's hand, not in your own. Towards the end of life, Christians set up coffee mornings for the elderly and also do the shopping for them. This makes life a little easier for them as it isn't as easier to get out and do all that them selves. Hospices are set up for an alternative for euthanasia, this insures that the ill can die with dignity, ...read more.

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