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'Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives.'

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400-600 Words Skill AO1 'Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives.' The Roman Catholic Church teaches that God created life therefore only God can take it away. They teach that you should care for life from the very beginning, as it receives a soul from the moment of conception. The Roman Catholics therefore see abortion as murder. "For you created my inmost being you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13 This quotation implies that God knows about all new life while still in the mother's womb. Therefore this child is a living person and should be treated with love, honour and respect. No Christian Church encourages abortion, however some churches such as Anglican and the Methodists suggest that abortion may be appropriate in some situations. I.e. if the mother's health would be at risk. However some Christians believe that the mother has the right to choose. These Christians believe that forgiveness is just as important as the sanctity of life. Most denominations agree that sex education in schools should be taught in order to stop women having unwanted pregnancies. ...read more.


* Disability of the baby * Risk of endangering the mother's health. Some Christians accept abortion as they feel that a woman is not morally required to suffer for nine months while carrying child. They also believe that life doesn't begin until the baby is born, however this contrast with most other Christians as they still feel that life begins at contraception. Most Christians would suggest alternatives to abortion such as: * Adoption * Fostering Roman Catholics have very strict views against euthanasia. They believe that every human life is made "in the image of God" Genesis 1:27 Although most Christians are not in favour of euthanasia, they do not share the same views as the Roman Catholics. Many Christians believe that it is murder and that it makes your assistant an accessory to your murder. Some say that terminally ill patients who desire death are in the wrong frame of mind to decide as they are depressed and depression is now treatable. Some Christians also believe that although it is a more difficult solution it is also a more humane solution to address human suffering head on. ...read more.


I am intrigued and admire Christians who can adopt the view in the bible to their everyday lives. However I understand that some people can get offended or upset with the Christian views and the way in which they are presented. Some people would prefer to hear the ethics of Christians in a debate were the are free to look at both sides of the spectrum before making a decision. For example: a Christian charity member regularly visits our school. He is always willing to give advice or have a debate about any Christian ethics. He is liked and respected through out the school as a result. He helps us to reach our own opinion. I have also noticed when talking to people that have been through emotional experiences, they can sometimes feel slightly angry towards Christians. They feel bombarded by people preaching to them on the streets about sensitive issues, which they might not have had any first hand experience with. This is especially apparent when faced with the issues of death and euthanasia. I feel that we now live in a world of free speech therefore I believe that Christians or any members from other religions should be free to express their own view and believe. ...read more.

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