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Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility of those at the beginning and end of their life Christians believe human life to be important because of the teaching of the "sanctity of life

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Year 10 GCSE Coursework Task Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility of those at the beginning and end of their life Christians believe human life to be important because of the teaching of the "sanctity of life". Sanctity of life is the idea that life is precious and it should be worshiped. Christians believe that life is a gift from god and only god can take it away from someone. The sixth commandment states, " Thou shall not murder". Christians believe that if a person commits a murder that they are trying to take the role of god. In Genesis 1:26-27 its says that human life is special to god because he created man and it is not for us to take life away from either someone at the start of their life or nearing the of it. ...read more.


If for example, someone is terminally ill or in great pain the belief is that it is more humane, more compassionate, to allow them to die quickly. At the moment euthanasia is illegal in Britain but acceptable in certain circumstances in some countries, such as Holland. An example of euthanasia in the media is the story of the 74 year old, Reginald Crew who suffered from motor neurons disease. Reginald travelled to Holland were he receive a fatal dosage of morphine in a local clinic. When stories of people committing euthanasia are in the news Christians feel it is putting increasing pressure on people to consider euthanasia. Christian's belief the only person who has responsibility over human life is God and this belief is outlined in certain passages from the bible. ...read more.


Mathew was hated by society because he worked for the Romans as a tax collector. Christians use certain ceremonies such as christenings, baptism, last rights and funerals to symbolise the start and end of someone's life. These events symbolise the most important stages of a person's life and there-for are celebrated with these events. Christenings are a way to celebrate a new life that has come into the world, as a Funeral is a way to commemorate the life that person has lived. The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England both have different views on abortion and euthanasia. Like on abortion the Roman Catholics are absolutists on the matter, which means they say no to it in all situations. Were as the Church of England is more lenient as they disagree with it but in some cases they think exceptions should be made. Mark Whittle ...read more.

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