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Explain The Beliefs Roman Catholic Christians Hold About Their Responsibilities For Those At The Beginning, And The End Of Their Lives.

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AO1 Explain The Beliefs Roman Catholic Christians Hold About Their Responsibilities For Those At The Beginning, And The End Of Their Lives Catholics value people particularly at the beginning and the end of their lives. This belief is emphasised in the sacrament for the beginning of life, being Baptism, and the sacrament of the end being the sacrament of the sick. Both sacraments involve people, who are vulnerable or helpless, and they both emphasise and celebrate the fact that the person's life is valuable, and is made by God, therefore they should be respected and protected. These sacraments also show Catholics that they have a responsibility to care for people at these stages in their lives. The sacrament of baptism represents the beginning of life. ...read more.


The priest pours water from the font on the child's head three times, 'In the Father, the Son, and in the Holy Sprit'. Water is a sign of cleansing. The priest anoints the child with chrism, a sign that the child is a new member of the body of Christ, the Church, to its life. The priest lights a candle from the Paschal candle, which is given to the parents on behalf of the child saying, 'Receive the light of Christ'. The candle is a sign that Christ will now guide the child to lead a Christian life and to be a light to the world. Baptism makes the child a member of the church. The sacrament of the sick represents the end on a person's life, although it is sometimes for the people who are seriously ill. ...read more.


They would also anoint the sick with holy oil too. There are effects on a person after the sacrament is carried out. Many people say the have a feeling of power enter them, to heal them or help them fight the illness. People share in the suffering of Jesus. People may start their life as if it were new. People feel more able to cope again. For some it will be in preparation for death. They make amends to God. Catholics believe that they have responsibilities to people at the beginning and the end of their lives. They believe they have to protect the babies, as they are a gift from God. The responsibilities that they have for people at the end of their lives are that they need help, as they are helpless. Matthew Mawson 4FEM 03/05/2007 ...read more.

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