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Explain the beliefs that Christians hold about their responsibilities to those at the beginning and end of their lives.

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By Michael Lynch S2A Ao1 Explain the beliefs that Christians hold about their responsibilities to those at the beginning and end of their lives. Christians believe that life is a gift from God and only God can take away. Christians believe that all humans are made in the image and likeness of God, as stated in the book of Genesis. We also believe that everyone has sanctity that means that we are special to God and that each person is sacred and holy. This indicates that everyone is unique. According to the Psalm life begins at conception. The Psalm implies that a foetus is recognised by God, and should be recognised by the Christian people. The commandment also makes reference to this stating, "Thou shall not kill." Clement of Alexandria also claimed that unborn children deserve all the respect and protection that a normal person is. He said, "It destroyed what God created and in the destruction of the foetus was an offence to a necessary love one's neighbour." The Christian thinker Athenagoras specifically condemned abortion saying, "All those who use abortifacients are homicides and will account to God for their abortions as for the killing of men." ...read more.


They say that death with dignity should override any other teaching. AO2 Explain the different ways Christians might respond to abortion and euthanasia. Abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn being by using medical or a surgical procedure. The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a mortal sin and is indefensible, since the unborn child is innocent of any offence and incapable of defending itself. In 1974 the Roman Catholic Church declared, "From the time the ovum is fertilised, a life is begun which is neither that of the father or mother. It is the life of a new human being with its own growth. It would become human if it was not human already" According to the Vatican Declaration on Euthanasia, euthanasia is "an action or an omission which of itself or by intention causes death, in order that all suffering may in this way be eliminated." In 1980, Catholic Archbishops of Britain defended the right of life of all from conception to death. In 1995, Pope John Paul ? said in document "Gospel of Life" abortion and euthanasia were gravely immoral. ...read more.


Some Christians believe that preaching this word is not optional and that God has commanded them to do so, just like the disciples. They believe that their faith contains the eternal truth that exists everywhere and are obliged to bring this truth to other people. However, people have free will to do what they want whether it is what God to follow, what they want to believe or what colour of shoes they wear. They do not have to accept the invitation from people to listen to what they may not believe in. Also in Jesus was involved in a lot of preaching in his life-time, however he did not force anyone to follow him or to obey his orders. He told a story of "The Woman Caught in Adultery" in which Jesus condemns people who try to force others to live in a particular way. It may also be a better idea if Christians tried to show people how they could lead better lives but setting a good example rather than trying to force people to live good lives. Maybe Christians have the right to explain their views and preach their opinions, but others do not have to accept this or be forced to do something about the matter. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Michael Lynch S2A ...read more.

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