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Explain the beliefs that Christians hold for those at the beginning and end of their life

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Anna Hamilton AO1 - Explain the beliefs that Christians hold for those at the beginning and end of their life From the moment conception occurs, the embryo, or foetus, becomes one of God's children. Some groups of Christians believe that God knows us even before we are born. God knows everyone all the way through our lives and is with you at death. Some even believe he is with you in life after death, or in reincarnation . At birth God welcomes infants into his world and he has taught us that all new life comes from him and is sacred. This is seen in Genesis 1:27 In death, God prepares us to leave his world and join him in the next - Heaven, or in some cases purgatory. ...read more.


Some people are also willing to commit so called 'mercy' killings as they feel it is in the interest of the ill or elderly. We have recently seen the case of Diane Pretty, a terminally ill, motor neurone disease sufferer who tirelessly fought to have her husband assist her in suicide. She told the country of her life of pain, misery and lost dignity. Diane took her fight to The European Court of Human Rights, but permission was not granted to her and her husband. Many people object to this kind of death as it is thought that the ill or elderly person is not in the right state of mental health to question the worthiness of his or her life. ...read more.


Today, many ill people are taken to hospices to die. Hospices are places where patients are able to feel at home, while still be closely monitored by medical professionals. It is thought that the parents of a new baby should look after it, nurture it and nourish it, physically and spiritually, and if the infant is ill it should be cared for by medics who will care for the child and not take death into their own hands. The vulnerable cannot protect themselves, this means that foetus' and babies, the old and terminally ill, would suffer without God's guidance. God tells us we should respect people's dignity all the way through life (John 11: 1-44) and we should treat these people as we would wish to be treated if we were in their situation. ...read more.

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