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Explain the biblical teaching that Christians can in order to provide themselves with guidelines for making decisions about the use of medical science.

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Matters of life and death affect everybody especially today when there are a lot of have been made legal, such as abortion, it makes the original views on important subjects in religion seem irrelevant and of no use in today's society. Some people still turn to the Bible for advice, although parts were written more that 3000 years ago. Its passages can be interpreted in many different ways, though, and some also relate to some of the problems the world faces now. 1. Explain the biblical teaching that Christians can in order to provide themselves with guidelines for making decisions about the use of medical science. There are many passages in the Bible that can be used as guidelines for making many decisions about various hard choices to do with medical science. If we look at Genesis 1 vs 28, it says "Let us make man in our image". This means that God makes man, therefore life comes from God, and life is precious to Him. If we are all made in "His" image then we must all be equal, and made to the highest specification. It also means that life comes from a higher source than just humans, so we have no right to interfere with the way that life comes and goes. This is relevant to both abortion and euthanasia. This also shows in the passage Job 1 vs 21, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away". ...read more.


Abortion: this is a harder subject to comment on because there are so many different views and opinions. I personally believe that it is up to the woman what she wants to do because it is her body, yet for a Christian woman it would be much harder because of the issue of that it could be considered murder of an inocent child. The other views are that you have to take into consideration of the mothers' health and age. If it could seriously dangerous on the health for example, then it may be beneficial to have an abortion. It would be hard for anyone to make these decisions without some guidance, and this is where people could turn to the Bible for a source of what could be right or wrong. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion and that there are some 600 abortions performed a day in this country alone. This means that some women feel that it must be acceptable to have an abortion. In vitro fertilisation (IVF): this could be seen as going against the laws of nature. Because of the modern advances in technology, people no longer feel the need to pray for a miracle and rely on science to help them out. In Vitro Fertilisation give couples the chance to have children if they aren't capable of them, and the reference "You created me, you put me together in my mothers womb" can be used to say to couples that what they are considering is against the law of nature. ...read more.


The third idea is that people should incorporate into their daily life a little of both ideals. They can fit in the bits that can be used to relate to today's problems, but not worry about the bits that go on about the things that were a worry in the years of Jesus. People may feel that it is too huge a decision to make on their own, and need a bit of help in whatever they need to make a decision about. This is where the Bible can be seen as a source of comfort to those who need it and also a guide to those who feel that they need some help with certain decisions. The outcome of these decisions may need the Bible as a source of help for those who may feel that they could have made the wrong decision. I feel that it is important for an individual to make the choice depending on their own circumstances, and they need to weigh up what is best for them. The individual in question may be a devout Christian and use the Bible as the Be All and End All of each decision and base their life around it and its teachings, yet there may be others who drift and are in need of guidance now and then. I think it is up to the individual to make their minds up for themselves. Christianity and the use of Medical Science. Louise Topham. 0065. 18307 ...read more.

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