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Explain The Continuing Importance of The Resurrection For Christians Today.

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Explain The Continuing Importance of The Resurrection For Christians Today. For Christians the resurrection is the most important factor in Christianity: if Christ did not rise up from the dead then they can have no faith and therefore no salvation. The resurrection gives proof to Christians that Jesus conquered death and that our sins are taken away. To understand how important the resurrection is for Christians salvation must be understood. The first factor that must be realised is that there is a God who is holy and sinless. In Isaiah 6:3 the seraphims cried out, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of host. Holiness is a unique characteristic of God's nature which causes him to have moral perfection. Not only is God holy but also He has not sinned because ultimately every sin is against God.1 When God created the Earth and Adam and Eve he saw what he had made was good. However, God gave Adam and Eve a commandment not to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but when they disobeyed this commandment sin entered the world. ...read more.


When the lamb was killed its blood was sprinkled on the doorposts so that the firstborn in the house was not killed. This is a picture of Jesus who was without blemish and by the price of His own blood would purchase for us our personal salvation at Calvary where Christ died on the cross.6 Isaiah prophesied this and tells us that Christ will be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for out iniquities. On the third day after Jesus died he came back to life so that we know that He overcame the world's temptation that leads us into evil. Without this resurrection we could have no salvation because our faith would be groundless7. But Christ has broken the power of the prince of this world and his death was sufficient for God to be satisfied that the sins of the world had been paid for. This means that Christians have Christ living inside them, which is a life-changing experience. A Christian can, therefore, live in peace because they are no longer separated from God. ...read more.


For Christians there is no need to fear death because they know that because Christ rose from the dead there is life after death. They also have the surety that by salvation they are promised everlasting life. It is wonderful for Christians to be able to look forward to seeing God and living in heaven. In the book Miracles C.S. Lewis writes, "Jesus has forced open a door that has been locked since the death of the first man. He has met, fought, and beaten the King of Death. Everything is different because he has done so. This is the beginning of the New Creation". Christians can face death because it is not the end for them. 1 Holman Concise Bible Dictionary - "Holy", "Sin" 2 Romans 3:23 3 Leviticus 1 4 Romans 5:15 5 John 3:16 6 Back to Basics by Dr Judson Cornwall page 33 7 I Corinthians 15:17 8 Romans 8:34 9 Holman Bible Dictionary - Salvation 10 John 10:10 11 Matthew 12:39-40 ...read more.

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